Stagnant energy and varicose veins

Baby's legs
The beauty of a baby is her pristine energy field unencumbered with the energy blockages that we adults gather with time. I think that is what is so alluring about baby's energy. It reminds us of what we once were-a pure unadulterated energy field.

As we make unconscious choices through our lives we gather energy blockages that eventually need to be dealt with. But these blockages are great lessons if we are willing to learn from them. And these blockages can become severe and cause problems if we don't head them off.   

One of the things that can happen in the energy field of the mindbody is stagnant energy, that is energy that gets stuck and cannot move through a part of the mindbody. The sign of stagnant energy in the mindbody is loss of the ability to feel because this is how we are aware of the energy mindbody in the first place.

An example of this is varicose veins. When the blood begins to pool in the lower extremities and the energy or blood in this case has poor flow. It's stuck. This can be related to blocked flow at the level of the hips which impedes blood return to the heart.  The hips become rigid, inflexible and tight such that energy flow through and around the hip joint is impeded.

As the energy flow in the skin becomes reduced the capillaries become engorged and the small veins coming from them become tortuous and superficial. This is related to the poor outflow from the leg resulting from decreased venous outflow from the leg.

The energy can become so slow in flow that the venous support impedes blood flow even more poorly and the legs begin to become boggy and swollen.  The important aspect of this clinical scenario is the loss of sensation of energy flow.  Typically when energy is flowing normally, we can sense the subtle movement of energy noted as tingling lightness of the skin.  When severe stagnation occurs as in varicosities of the lower extremities, there is such heaviness that such sensations are not present.

The loss of the ability to feel the legs and the movement of energy is serious business.  Of course, the person involved with the varicosities is usually not aware of his/her energy mindbody anyway, but if they are able to deal with the problem the return of sensation becomes quite obvious as the swelling and skin changes resolve. 

Soooo... striving to be sensate aware of the mindbody's changes in sensation is important because we can take corrective measures that will minimize the damage before all the severe debilities show up.

This is the power of prevention that comes directly from sensing the mindbody's energy field before dis-ease progresses.                                      To good health and sensation          DrBill


  1. It’s actually a cool and helpful piece of info. I’m glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks very much for your comment Will posting further on the subject and have remarkable results over the years using the energy science principles in dealing with my own lower extremity varicosities seeing new hair and nail growth and loss of chronic subcutaneous edema :) DrBill

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