Our Physiologic Energy Patterns-Energy of Stability(KAPHA)

    This is the third of three blogs spending some time discussing the physiologic energy patterns that are observable in the universe and comprise our energy mindbodies.  In the medical energy science of Ayurveda, there are three identifiable energy patterns in Nature. There is the energy of movement, that of transformation and the energy of stability.  All three are necessary for Nature to function and for us as well.  

    Energy of Stability  Kapha is the energy pattern that is necessary for us to maintain form and not have our mindbodies fly off into space.  The qualities of this energy pattern are heavy, cold, slow/dull, static, sticky/cloudy, oily, liquid, slimy/smooth, gross, hard, dense and soft.  These are the vibrational frequencies of the energy field that are most like that of the matter field and  most available to our senses.  Therefore Kapha people are very sensate driven.  They love the tastes and smells of food and are pulled to the sensate experience.  Because of this they are lured to professions such as cooking such as Emeril who is a classic Kapha in his element. 

    Kapha dominant people are very loving, make great parents, and are strong with good endurance and stamina.  They manifest in the matter field as a strong physical frame, big bones and muscles and large body frame.  Celebrities such as Oprah is a classic example of the beautiful regal attributes of this energy pattern.   From the smooth, milky complexion to the luscious eyes, she elegantly shows the grace of this energy pattern.

    Of the three energy patterns, Kapha has the slowest of the physiologies.  Due to this characteristic Kapha does the worst in a culture which caters to the fast life.  When a culture supports a lot of movement the foods chosen to balance this fast lifestyle are literally "fast foods".  These type of foods are Vata balancing which contain as we blogged earlier, heavy foods. 

    Now these "fast foods" are the same as Kapha in terms of the vibrational frequencies.  So heavy foods will produce more heaviness in a physiology that already has a lot of the heavy vibrational frequency.  So we can see very quickly that "fast foods" bringing heaviness to a fast moving society will be very imbalancing to a heavy Kapha physiology.  

  Due to Kapha's heavy vibrational frequency the best balancing foods that contain the light vibrational frequency.  So heavy liquid foods such as dairy, fatty and salty meats and nuts not good choices.  Light foods such as beans, light vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli and meats such as white chicken and turkey. 

    Our problems with obesity lie in the fact that we do not understand these simple energetic concepts around this energy pattern. 

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