Opiates and Cheese

The energy science can help us understand how to deal with this controversial topic about the potential addictive nature of opiates in milk

It makes sense that there is a sedative property in mother's milk or the human race would not be so advanced in numbers as it has become 

Concentrated Forms of Opiates

Cheese is produced by acidifying milk and making a curd leaving the whey(watery protein) behind

The predominant protein in milk and therefore cheese is casein which if not completely digested will release in the gut as an opiate called casomorphin(BCM7)  Opiates can produce a profound sense of pleasure

80% of cow's milk is casein  Concentrated milk products(cheese, ice cream, milk chocolate) can have increased amounts of the addictive opiates or BCM7 proteins that link up to opiate receptors in the body, particularly the brain

Some interesting factoids

            It takes 10 pounds of milk to make a pound of hard cheese(sour cheese)

            It takes 3-4 pounds of milk to make one pound of milk chocolate  A "chocoholic" is born

BCM7 is the powerful opiate held in any milk whether cow, buffalo,  goat, or human  Studies on cow's milk show that BCM7 is held to an amino acid named proline in A1 cows(tightly bound) and by histidine in A2 cows(loosely bound), so the latter can be more effective to produce the opiate effect

How about breads with gluten?

Interestingly gliadorphin from the digestion of gluten is similar to casomorphin both of which interact with opiate receptors in the brain, particularly those areas involved with speech and hearing, an important factor in children with autism, particularly if poor digestive fire is involved  These byproducts of digestion will lead to exaggerated effects (ama in the energy science vernacular)

What To Do?

Bottom line: If you have a strong digestive fire, you'll deal with BCM7 early in the digestive process and more than likely won't be impacted by either form of milk, A1 or A2, or bread 

If you have a poor digestive fire then either way BCM7 will be hanging around and an individual will potentially get the effects of casomorphin

So the energy science nutritional solution to the above, enhance digestive fire by:

            If any heavy concentration of BCM7 is taken in on a day, avoid doing it again and again  Allow the GI tract and the body to absorb the insult  Don't pile on insult after insult after insult

            If PK reduce the amount of dairy in your diet, avoiding the concentrated forms

            Steaming or heating milk is a great idea

            Never drink milk cold or with ice

        Using a churan or a meal rich in cooling digestants or spices will help with digestion due to their impact on digestive fire

            Using cardamom with warm milk helps digestion

            Eat a nutritional format that is conducive to your energy makeup and avoid poor food combinations

Until tomorrow                                         To health as a Skill    Love DrBill

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