Fingernails and Bone Health

Have you ever noticed how often you trim your fingernails? OK, if you have paste on nails, just play along with me today

Anatomically the nails are extensions of the last bone of the finger and from an energy science view can be indicators of the health of the bones

Makes sense, doesn't it? We don't usually think of the nails as an indicator the bone activity but indeed it is this observation that can allow us to begin to have an insight as to the health of our internal bone structure and its strength

Certainly simpler than getting Dexa scans for osteoporosis or osteopenia or can be at least adjunctive when we are following bone health

Let's take a simple example  Say that you're a postmenopausal thin Vata lady(and you don't have the paste on nails) andjust had a scan that shows osteopenia(out of normal range bone density) that bears watching

Look at your nails  How often do you trim them? Once a week, every two days, never  How about the linear grooves or ridges that run the course of the nail? What about increased redness near the end of the nailbed? What about spots on the nails?

All of your observations are helpful to understand the progressive improvement of your bone health as you do things to improve your osteopenic state

Well, the next question is what to do about unhealthy nails associated with osteoporosis(really abnormal bone density) or osteopenia? The first thing to keep in mind is that the bony structure of the mindbody is slow to change and so the key is patience

Next, the colon must be healthy I'm not an advocate for colonics but there is value is talking to specialists who can help with this kind of work  Why? Because the colon is the absorption site for minerals, including calcium, magnesium, manganese etc.

Then supplements are important with a balance of calcium and magnesium in a 2 to 1 ratio

 Improving digestion, absorption, assimilation, and elimination is important and nutrition is the cornerstone to doing this

            Nutritional formats at can give you guidelines

            Poor food combining is problematic

            Use of triphala in powdered form(pills are not so good) and making a night time tea is helpful for bowel health

Until tomorrow                                                 To health as a Skill   Love DrBill

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