Causes of Heartburn and Nutritional Treatments

It's called many different things but heartburn is a common problem and the current matter science way of dealing with it is a pill

What We Call It

Although difficult to know for sure I would guesstimate that at least a third to half of us suffer from heartburn from my vantage point in the office

It goes by different terms:  acid indigestion; sometimes as a misnomer, indigestion; thought to be associated with an infection (H pylori); and when symptoms are over the top, gastroesophageal reflux dis-ease(GERD)  But the bottom line is from a matter science view it is not handled very well

Tums and rolaids, baking soda, over the counter acid relief pills, and if pushed to the brink, prescribed pharmaceuticals from the doctor

What About Foods?

But what is surprising to me in the midst of this treatment mileau is the lack of any suggestion that foods produce the problem  Too simple, I guess

Say again  Foods as a problem? What the hay!  NO Way!  How could that be? 

If foods are the culprit, it's a well kept secret that gastroeneterologists keep from their patients because I don't see any of them discussing nutrition with them where I practice

Too Much Hot

The energy science nutritional model has a lot to say about how foods produce dis-ease  As a matter of fact all our choices lead to unarguable and eventual physiologic dis-ease

In previous blogs we have talked about the inevitable consequence of too much of the quality of hot in foods ingested  This provocation done month after month, year after year, decade after decade leads to the symptom of the matter science label of acid indigestion

The matter science states that excess acidity(who knows why) begins to break down the bowel mucosa producing an inflammatory reaction which results in pain and over time to reflux of acid from the stomach up the esophagus and into the throat

Some Have It and Don't Know It

Because of their abundant protective mucous predominant Kapha people may not experience the symptoms of acidity but eventually they break through

The key here is that most everyone not following an energy science nutritional format for their mindbody makeup is provoked even though not symptomatic

Nutritional Treatments

There are several options

            Do your standard nutritional format at    

            Use aloe vera gel(NOT the juice)  2T  2-3 times per day for at least 6 to 12 months  Longer if you have had symptoms for more than 5 years

            Add peppermint extract to make 2-3oz of water very minty(if it burns when you use it, it's too minty and should dilute it more)

            Stay away from poor food combining

            Use only cooling spices(see the YES column)

            Stop using hot spices until symptoms get better(those in the moderation column)

            Focus attention and try to stay in the YES column

BTW tell your doctor when you start feeling better  He might appreciate it!

Until tomorrow                                        To health as a Skill  Love DrBill


  1. Annie Chin

    Hi Dr Dean, I have had IC for 10 yrs tried everything I will take your advice and do the top 3 suggestions. I wanted to ask you the name of the Aloe Vera Gel I should buy there are so many out there not sure which one is good? Can you recommend one for me to take 2T 2×3 times a day?I have tried so many herbs and supplements and so many things flare it up more. I am trying a Primal Probiotics that I saw on a IC website alot of IC women have tried and they said it helps with their IC and Gerd.
    Thank you so much for all your wonderful articles!!! I greatly appreciate what you are doing for us. I will printout the food lists also as you suggested. I have tried the Desert Harvest Aloe Vera supplements advertised on the IC Network but caused more flares….

    • Hi Annie There are 3 brands George’s Aloe Aloe Farms Lily of the Desert The latter has carragenan if you’re concerned about that It sounds like you need a good game plan to put into place If you’re willing to do the work which is sounds like all you need is some healthy guidance best DB

  2. Dr. Dean, lily of the Desert aloe has citric acid, a known cause of IC flared!! Can you recommend a safer brand, please?

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