Distraction Digestion and Attention

Man driving while eating from a bagMy car was in the shop getting a window fixed so a friend took me into work. I was interested to find my friend munching on a piece of toast with peanut butter slathered over the top, washed down with a vitamin drink and conversing about a cellphone call just received. While it is possible for us to multitask from an energy perspective the problem arises in our digestion.

You see, as we know, it's not possible to do things well if we are distracted and can't put our attention on what we are doing. Just think when you have been given directions but not really paying attention and then try to remember the directions well. So digestion of the food consumed will not be as good as if we are paying attention. There is good information to demonstrate that food is digested differently when we are attentive to the process.

Further our digestive fire works best when we are in a balanced state. If our sympathetic, fight or flight nervous system is working overtime and our parasympathetic, relaxing nervous system is not balancing, there is an overabundance of sympathetic tone in our energy mindbody physiology. This eating on the run leads to increased sympathetic tone which is not promoting to good digestion simply because the gut is robbed of blood flow which is needed for adequate absorption and assimilation of digested food.

So though it seems convenient, it's preferable to enjoy our food consumed in a relaxed environment with a balance of sympathetic tone. It may seem like we are getting away with it but by and by there are accumulated imbalances created in the energy mindbody that can lead to health related issues due to carrying on such a habit.

To good health DrBill

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