The Unidimensional Approach to Healing and IBS

Female Chemist with moleculesIn the energy science world of healing it's not just one thing but a mulitiplicity of treatments that you do that brings about healing of your body    This is in contrast from the matter science model of healing that says if you do just this one thing (take a pill) you will get major benefit such that you won't have to do anything else For example if your blood pressure is high then take this pill and you'll be better Or better yet, take two or three different types of pills and you'll be better

So pill popping is the ONE way to deal with any disease in matter science medicine And there's nothing wrong with that approach except for the fact that it usually doesn't work very well

Energy Science Healing

Because of the nature of the energy science model of healing using a qualitative approach not all qualities that are out of balance can be addressed with just one approach   For example, the hot quality of IBS exhibiting as mixed diarrhea and constipation can be reliably dealt with by using cooling herbs such as CCF tea, aloe vera gel, and the antiinflammatory herbs that I have written about in the past

But the symptoms of urgency, frequency, and to some degree of pain are related to the qualities of light, subtle, rough, and dry These are best managed not only with herbs but with internal and external oleation with or without marma therapy, a nutritional format for your mindbody constitution, and basti therapy that I have discussed in the past

So you can see that in energy work it's not just one thing but a multiplicity of things that are used in order to bring about balance of the qualities that are out of whack and producing the symptoms that you're experiencing all the time

Anxiety and IBS

There are two types of IBS according to the energy science of Ayurveda   The first is a Pitta imbalance in the GI tract where the hot quality produces an urgent need for stooling after meals   The second produces a dull aching pain in the lower abdomen and discomfort after eating   This latter condition is related to first Vata aggravation and secondarily Pitta imbalance   So from a practical view IBS is a Vata or Pitta imbalance

If you're experiencing symptoms in the body then there is an imbalance being expressed   So if you're experiencing anxiety with IBS there is a Vata imbalance in the nervous system as well as the gut of the qualities of light, subtle, clear, and mobile   See that some of the same qualities that are producing diarrhea, constipation, gas, and bloating  are some of the same qualities that are creating anxiety   This is why people with IBS often are anxious about their disease or imbalance which is completely understandable from an energy science point of view

In this case however some of the aforementioned therapies would be different   For example the herbs used would be those that would calm the nervous system; yoga asana practice is particularly effective (halasana, locust, chest knee, and uttanasana); yoga nidra as a form of meditation or a practice of calming the mind could be done; and aromatherapy   Here you see a group of therapies quite different from the above treatment for the hot (Pitta) quality because different qualities are being treated in order to bring them into balance

Another Important Difference from the Matter Science Model of Healing

Thus far I have talked about the pill oriented unidimensional approach with the matter science healing model and contrasted that to the energy science multifaceted approach to disease

But another important difference is the time of exposure to treatment   Real healing takes time  So the rule is that for every year of imbalance it will take two months of treatment for recovery    And then you're done Not a bad tradeoff

Let's see forever having symptoms and using pillsbigstockphoto_Supplements_7072456 with the matter science approach versus 2-3 years with the energy science approach    Which would you choose?

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