Taste and Health: An Energy Science Perspective

bigstockphoto_Sour_Message_281325It's not like anything. You need to trust me and just taste it.

Seth Godin

In high school chemistry we learned that acids are neutralized by alkaline chemicals. Perhaps we know that for us biologically the acid taste is the sour taste in Nature and that the alkaline is the bitter taste.

So if I have "heartburn" and a sour taste in my mouth it means I have excessive acidity in the stomach and to feel better I can neutralize my problem with baking soda, a common alkaline material off the shelf in the kitchen. Voila! Carbon dioxide gas is produced in my stomach as the byproduct in my acid base balancing I belch and feel better. Thanks very much, now on with the day

Whoa, what a minute! Why did I get this in the first place? Energetically I consumed too much of the qualities of hot, light, sharp in the form of pizza with pepperoni, tomato sauce, cheese, and coke the night before. Now with that energetic knowledge, maybe I should rethink my choice about pepperoni pizza and carbonated drinks?

My mindbody just told me that it didnt like the choice that I made last night. If I want to respect my mindbody and not hurt it maybe I should think about my next choice.

Well, hmmmm, anybody interested in some pepperoni pizza tonight with extra garlic? DrBill


  1. A few weeks ago I started Aloe Farms aloe gel with pomegranate or 7power juices at Trader Joes. Today I made aloe purée from an aloe leaf. The aloe leaf puree was extremely bitter compared to the bottled gel. So beware I needed way more pomegranate juice to swallow the purée from the leaf than premade gel.

    I’ve also always gotten the right side chest and shoulder/back pain from legumes, which is sharp pain requiring baking soda to expel gas. I had a severe love of lentils and backpacking but had pain and dx with gallstones (ic,fibro,GERD). I’m hoping the sharp pain will eventually subside with legumes. I’m trying the Mung dal soaked over night then mixed with jasmine rice and pitta masala mix. I tried without the ccf and same right side pain.

    I love your book, articles, and YouTube videos.

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