5 Ways To Make Lifestyle Changes Happen

fat and thinAnything that we want to achieve in life....getting in better physical condition, losing weight, improving people's lives by working in a business or profession, changing a lifestyle pattern of behavior like smoking etc....requires that some form of structure be put into place so that a pattern of behavior is done over a period of time Hopefully the change is the pattern of behavior causes the desired change

So for example in the case of chronic disease in order to cause a physiologic shift toward balance and improvement in your symptoms, you undertake certain things that you think will make a shift

Life and Its Distractions To Healing

But let's face it even with good intentions life goes on and requires our participation and so distractions arise The deadline at work, finishing work projects, the upcoming holidays, getting the right Halloween costume...these sometimes get in the way of our healing intentions

In other words life's distractions affect how we heal They directly impact our ability to follow through with our intentions to heal

I believe that this is the major problem in healing chronic disease  Healing any disease is doable with varying levels of difficulty based on length of disease and number of energy patterns involved but it requires time to do the things necessary In the energy science discipline it's not just one thing that promotes healing but rather a multiplicity of things that bring about physiologic change

This multimodality energy science approach begins with lifestyle measures focused on nutritional formats as discussed in the past but there are other things that can be done to support this approach

5 Ways to Create Structure

1 Overcoming inertia is the biggest challenge and keeping up with it is the next biggest hurdle

2 Use a calendar (here's a downloadable calender you can use on your computer) and mark down what's needed to create the change that you want to see happen....then check it every day

2 Expect it to be awkward at first...kind of like finding your groove You may forget and that's what the calendar is for

3 Daily do that activity at specific times of the day marking your items on the calendar

4 The more things you do to effect the change the better the chances of getting the desired result of healing

5 Make it a set of activities A morning routine has a set of things to do and these all work together to set the tone for the day as well as each activity supporting each other

It takes about 6-8 weeks for the change to be made Then you can move on to add more new activities to advance your healing journey

And sometimes it means deleting behaviors that don't serve us well.....for example going to bed earlier sets up the morning times to do some activities

Having a coach to support and help produce structure is valuable in these efforts  You can make an appointment for a free consultation to get started

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