Shhhh….She’s Eating

Santa ShhhhhhIt's difficult to feel if we are engaged in mental activity. Yet the way we get in touch with what our health is like is by feeling.

So when we are actively engaged in conversation with ourselves or with others it makes it difficult to feel what is happening when eating. How does the food taste? What are the textures? What are the aromas? Am I chewing the food completely? Am I full and satisfied? Do I need more food?

These are just examples of the eating process. It asks, "Am I paying attention?"

There is good information to suggest that the more attentive we are to the eating process, the more engaged we are, the better our digestion of the food.

Makes sense doesn't it? If your friend is talking with you and you are fully engaged with her, you will digest the ideas that she has. You have paid attention, really paid attention.

So my friends, shhhh implies every once in a while pay attention to eating. DrBill

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