The Heavy Feeling and Toxicity

Have we ever felt physically heavy, sluggish, and just not wanting to move? And that's the groundstate for depression, isn't it? Because depression actually means to not move. Our mindbody energy has slowed down. When these qualities are felt they indicate either a buildup of the Kapha energy pattern or toxicity or both.

Energy that doesn't flow in the mindbody becomes like stagnant Crystal Clear Lakepools of water in a mountain stream or lake. The mobility of water is almost imperceptible. With less and less flow through the pool life begins to spawn. Small fish find a home, vegetative growth becomes obvious, and the quality of slow/dull overcomes the vibrational frequency of sharp/penetrating. The static quality has become more dominant over the mobile quality. And the pools of water become have less clarity and become cloudy because of the growth. So stagnant(static) energy in the mindbody promotes growth of debris.

"OK, so my mindbody energy flow is like a mountain stream. I can relate intellectually, but what is that like experientially? What does it feel like to have the mobile quality?"

In the realm of biological energy it's all about feeling. We feel slow/dull. We know our energy mindbody has become relatively reduced in mobility.

So mobility is sensed when we feel tingling in mindbody parts such as the extremities and we feel bright, "energized", and alive. Have we ever felt like that after a vigorous massage? The mindbody feels crisp and alert. Ask someone to give you a brisk massage and see if you can sense it.

As healing occurs stagnant pools of energy in the mindbody that have gone into a deep Rip VanWinkle sleep over literally years become awakened and alive again. To have mobility energetically is to be alive, rejuvenated, and participate.

Here's the deal. We can never know mobility unless we know static. So be grateful for those slow/dull times so you can feel the exhiliration of mobile and sharp/penetrating. But become addicted to neither. It's about balance.                             To good health DrBill

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