What Is Health Anyway?

Cute Little Baby Blue Eyes Closeup PortraitA new definition of health implies that we have had one in the past and that is arguable  If there has been one from a matter science viewpoint, I guess a state of health has meant that we are free of disease  But that cannot be a 21st century definition which should be born from a marriage between the matter and energy medical sciences

I would propose that there is more to health than being free of dis-ease

One who is established in witnessing, whose energy patterns

are in balance, whose appetite is balanced, whose tissues are

functioning normally, whose wastes are eliminated properly,

and whose self, mind, and senses remain full of bliss

is called a healthy person

This is a complete definition of health gleaned from the writings of the energy medical science of Ayurveda but as you can see requires a lot more persistent work than "hanging with some supplements" and "hoping" that things will go your way

The good news that this kind of definition starts by simply improving your nutrition....eating according to your energy mindbody constitutional makeup as shown at foodsheal.com

To good health  Love DrBill

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