Eating Biorhythms

Graph of US eating timesBiorhythms of sleep have become well recognized patterns and research has shown that they are intimately associated with health and the prevention of disease For example, people who work night shifts are more prone to health problems But the energy science of Ayurveda also gives us a biorhythm of eating which if adhered to improves the entire digestive process and supports this important concept of agni that I've talked about in the past

The biorhythm research data confirms what the energy science gives us as guidance about eating and rest  As a matter of fact most contemporary research continues to support what the energy science talks about regarding prevention of progressive disease If we are plagued with disease of any kind,  then we certainly don't want to get worse

The Eating Biorhythm

Since we are part of Nature(if you don't agree then show me how you remove yourself from Her) we will naturally flow with Her rhythms I just alluded to the health problems that occur when we don't go to bed with Nature and wake up with Her So it is with our eating biorhythm cycle

If we don't take our biggest meal when Nature is doing so then our digestion suffers Our agni or digestive power is maximal at between 11a and 2p Even if our agni is suboptimal the point is that it will be as good as it can be around the noon hour This is completely compatible with what our ancestors knew before we became accustomed to "city life" where schedules for a healthy lifestyle are abandoned

The energy science says that eating our biggest meal of the day at noon time is optimal for health and encourages the best chance for us to digest well What does "biggest" mean? What you can comfortably hold in your 2 hands represents two-thirds of your stomach capacity and Ayurveda's guideline is that more than 2 handfuls overdistends the stomach capacity and risks the chance to form ama or undigested unprocessed food If ama is formed due to poor agni it can escape from the GIT(gastrointestinal tract) and will spread to peripheral tissues where it can interfere with function

Eating out can be a major problem There are several reasons for this Things are done by restaurants that aren't conducive for good digestion The most common infraction is ice water Many of the entrees served in public eateries are popular but are not necessarily good for us(chocolate coffee ice cream) Many restaurants nowadays are serving incompatible food combinations The most common one is fruit with other foods

Eating Biorhythms: 3 Healthy Ways To Support

But probably the most damaging of all with our "restaurant fetish" is that it typically interferes with healthy biorhythms of eating Typically eating our biggest meal of the day turns out to be done at 7p or beyond which in the end is ama promoting Not only is it our biggest meal of the day but it's associated with all of the other ama promoting eating habits foisted on us because we're at the restaurant

So what can we do?

1 Make a pact with yourself to eat your biggest meal at noon

2 Minimize eating out...will be healthier and enhance the pocketbook If you have to eat out try to stay away from night time meals, avoid ice, eat according to your energy constitutional makeup(see, and avoid incompatible food combinations

3 Breakfast is optional If hungry try fruit It should NOT be the biggest meal of the day

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