Eating Challenges and the Holidays

bigstock_Dinner_Party_1443255Food selection may become a big deal during the holidays with those with eating challenges  So what are some techniques that can help during the holidays? Spreading out holiday-related events, and making get-togethers, and more activity are just a few ways to stay healthy this season

Spread Out Your Events

Try to spread out the parties and get-togethers, instead of visiting several households on the same day If there is an event where the cooking is shared, start a Facebook group page to better organize the dinner and ensure there are plenty of healthy options Each member can discuss what they are bringing to allow a wide variety of colors and choices rather than an overload of starches. You can also use this page to share recipes

Move at the Party

Holiday gatherings often consist of sitting, eating, talking, drinking, and more eating We often find ourselves sitting for longer periods of time because we enjoy the conversation Your legs want to move, the food is on the counter, and off you go for food you’re are not even hungry for This year, try some of these actions with the family to reduce the march to the kitchen Take a walk or try some other physical activity

Don't Go Overboard

Sticking to a healthy plan is important However depriving yourself of certain foods can have negative results Restrictive eating can lead to binge eating as well as disliking healthy foods by associating them with something you ‘have’ to do When it’s time to pile food on your plate, eat what visually appeals to you, or you know you love without guilt clouding the mind Try these final tips for holiday eating If smaller plates are an option, use them. You’ll fill larger plates just because room is available. Second trips are better than overeating on the first round If you’re trying something new, only take a bite-size portion

As you begin to incorporate more healthy practices into your life—whether during the holidays or during everyday life—your mindset will start to shift, and you’ll begin to not only choose more nutritious foods, but actually enjoy them, too

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