Incompatible Food Combinations

yogurt and fruitThose of us know that acidity has something to do with disease or symptoms of not feeling well either intuitively or reading what others have to say about disease

This leads to a large number of dietary recommendations to eliminate the acidity from the diet and to reduce symptoms

You can go a long way toward resolution of any symptoms if you do fundamental changes in your nutritional format just by eliminating known foods that are physiologically imbalacing from your food choices But as I have written before what foods to avoid often comes down to "who's doing the eating?" because from an energy science viewpoint the nutritional format can be meaningful

Food Incompatibility

At times we don't know that what we are eating is making us sick Did you know that pain from IC can also be related to the acidic loading that occurs from poor food combining?

Some foods don't belong with one another For example, fruit with any other food is commonly practiced yet it can lead to poor digestion and symptoms of bloating and abdominal pain if done frequent enough In the energy science of Ayurveda every food has qualities and when foods are combined which are antagonistic to one another they may be toxic to the mindbody

Here's a list for you to consider
Beans WITH  Fruit, cheese, eggs, fish, milk, meat, yogurt
Eggs WITH  Fruit (especially melons), beans, cheese, fish, kichari, MILK, meat, yogurt
Fruit As a rule, with any other food. *There are exceptions, such as certain cooked combinations, as well as dates and milk which have the same rasa, virya, and vipaka.
Grains WITH Fruit, tapioca
Honey ** With equal GHEE by weight (e.g. 1 tsp honey with 3 tsp ghee); AVOID boiled or cooked honey
Hot Drinks WITH  Mangos, cheese, fish, meat, starch, yogurt
Lemon WITH Cucumbers, milk, tomatoes, yogurt
Melons EVERYTHING — especially dairy, eggs, fried food, grains, starches. Melons more than most fruit should be eaten alone or left alone.
Milk WITH BANANAS, cherries, melons, sour fruits, bread containing yeast, fish kitchari
Nightshades, e.g., potato, tomato WITH  Melon, cucumber, dairy products
Radishes Bananas, raisins, milk
Tapioca WITH  Fruit, especially banana, mango, beans, raisins, jaggary
Yogurt WITH Fruit, cheese, eggs, fish, hot drinks, meat, MILK, nightshades

A strong digestion which I'll cover in the future is the most important physiologic tool to deal with poor food combining aside from not combining in the first place

An Energy Science Nutritional Approach

From an energy science approach nutrition is more than diet The study of diet concerns itself wit h molecules of the food ingested But nutrition takes into account not only the qualities of the foods taken in and how these qualities interact but also the impact of the digestion of foods on the mindbody physiology This is a very significant difference between matter science and energy science nutrition

So here are 3 things that you can do right now to stop or reduce the flares of IC

1 Check out who you are energetically

2 Choose a nutritional format appropriate for your mindbody energy makeup

3 Go to the orange box and sign up to become a member our growing IC Ayurvedic energy science community

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