Agni and Digestion

Smouldering EmbersMost of us have gone without food for one reason or another and experienced a very strong appetite as a result. Seems pretty straight forward, doesn't it? Don't eat and we get hungry.

But let's examine this process energetically. What happens from an energy perspective.

As we volitionally go without food for a period of time, the enzyme system of the gut collectively known as the digestive fire, ramps up since it is not being used by food. This creates increasing appetite since the energy field's transformative energy is increasing and appetite is an expression of the health of the mindbody's fire in the gut.

But if we continue this process withholding food for several days, something very interesting occurs energetically. Since the fire is not being fed fuel(food), it begins to lessen in its intensity. This is similar to what happens with a campfire, right? If we don't feed the campfire any more wood, what happens? The fire becomes a glowing set of embers. Very hot but not the same kind of fire.

The embers of a campfire is analogous to the detoxification fire that begins the slow burning of undigested stagnant energy in the mindbody. In reality these islands of stagnant energy get heated up so that they can begin moving again and restore the free flow of energy in the physiology once again.

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