Disease and Inflammation

Fire the hot qualityIt has been reported by many knowledgeable sources that inflammation(PItta imbalance) lies at the root of all diseases This is partly true from an energy science point of view but when dealing with inflammation one has to take into consideration the other two energy patterns, Vata and Kapha  These energy patterns influence one another's expression in the mindbody

Ways to Reduce Inflammation

Rose petal jam…pacifies Pitta in the heart and prana Vata and cools the system

Rose is renown for its cooling effects and the energy science shows us why that's the case

Sesame crunch

Refined sugar cravings are addictions The body however is energetically looking for more energy substrate called soma Refined sugar provides the soma but at the price of addiction Sesame crunch provides soma without the addictive quality

Avoid onions/garlic…kills friendly bacteria, replace with cabbage and brussel sprouts

80/20 water/homemade yogurt with soma salt and Pitta masala

Green Composite Protein Recipe

This is an alkalinizing diet that reduces acidity in the GI tract which is the source fo inflammation  It is a cornerstone to begin removing inflammatory sources for the GI tract

Early bedtime…go to bed 30m b4 anticipate going to bed…go at it slow

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