Green Composite Protein Recipe and Detoxification

VegetablesThis unique combination of alkalinizing greens and protein can make a complete meal or as side dish for other foods on the table(can be used with squash, grain, and chutney). Using ghee and water separates the lipid and water soluble materials from the ingredients which aids in the digestion, absorption, and assimilation of the food. The alkalinizing impact of the steamed greens heals an acidic inflammatory environment of an unhealthy GI tract and its agni

Equipment Food processor

2 quart sauce pan with cover(preferably glass)


Green source (choose one and vary from day to day)

Collard greens, Kale, Spinach, Chard rainbow or otherwise, Broccoli rabe, White daikon radish leaves, Tender beet greens

Subtle greens(choose one)

Cilantro, Fresh basil, Parsley, Mint

Lime juice


Culinary spice mixture

Mom’s masala or High Pitta Masala(

Soma salt(

Protein(choose one)

White chicken


Vegan powder(available at

Split mung dal, mung dal, split red, kuthi, black beluga, green-gray du puy, green french dal

Spring water is preferable(has more soma) in preparation


Heat 1-2 inches water into a 2 quart pan with 2T ghee and 2t spice mixture. Add chopped green and steam with cover on the pot. Steam until water pretty much evaporated. If you want a juicier green dish then leave some water. Place in food processor and process after adding soma salt, lime juice, and tapioca flour. Place a bunch of subtle greens and complete processing. Do not cook the subtle greens with the rough greens.

The vegan powder( can be mixed 4T powder and 8oz water and added to the green composite.

Add 1t olive oil if not cooking with chicken which is best when boiled. If using eggs cook scrambled and can then add to the green processed mixture. Another way to add the eggs is to poach them is boiling vinegar water, place them on toasted English muffins with ghee, and place the green composite over the top of the poached eggs and muffin.

Detoxification and the Green Composite Protein Recipe

Whenever one is undertaking detoxification such as panchakarma(PK), the use of the green composite protein recipe(GCPR) is ideal as it keeps the GI tract supported to receive the toxins and excess qualities that are released during the therapy session. Even when not doing a PK event, the use of the GCPR can be beneficial as any liberated ama can be easily received as the GI tract is alkalinized and healthy.

At times one can experience unexplained fatigue as one of the side effects of clinical use of herbal memory nectars or transdermal creams. This fatigue is related to circulating toxic load and can be countered by using a binding agent such as tapioca pudding which can be found as granulated tapioca in most stores. This binds the ama and keeps it from continuing to circulate in the body.

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