bigstock-Elderly-Woman-On-Beach-Meditat-52950844One of my literary heros is Mark Twain(Sam Clemens) so when a patient brought him up, my ears perked.

We were talking about anticipatory worry. You know, the imagination takes off when you hear or do something. For example, I eat something that is not healthy for me, tomaotes, and when I do I immediately begin to think of all the catastrophic things that may happen.

So Twain said, "I know my worrying helps fix problems because any problem that I worry about never comes about."

Awesome Mark!

But the idea is to catch ourselves in the midst of the anticipatory worry or imagination. "Oh, I'll never have enough of ......(fill in the blank)." In the very act of becoming aware of whatever, we become free.

I think in part that's what's behind the quote. If I watch myself worry, I free myself of the worry. In so observing myself, I stop the imagination leading to anticipation of disaster and see how silly it really is.

From an energy science view this is a great stress reducer. How much stress is there around nutrition, diet, and health these days? I would venture to say a lot. "So just do it" as the ad says. Just give energy nutrition a shot and everything will take care of itself.

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