Ups and Downs of Healing

Levels4 As we have talked about in the past, foods create imbalance. There becomes an accumulation of vibrational frequencies induced by the foods that we eat that are imbalancing to us according to the energy sciences. This promotes an ever increasing energetic imbalance with the typical timeline represented in years and decades.

This energetic state of imbalance reaches a nadir when symptoms become inevitable and periodic. This usually begins in the 30's and 40's but may be sooner dependent on the defective space where these accumulated vibrational frequencies may congregate.

These waves of imbalance continue and usually patched with pharmaceuticals or operations based on the dis-ease. And it's not that these are right or wrong. The point of this discussion is to point out that the unconscious choices that we are making with respect to foods have direct impact on our energy mindbodies.

Once we begin to make conscious choices on behalf of our mindbodies, we begin the conscious journey to restore balance in our mindbodies. No matter what the imbalances, it is possible for all of us to regain balance and our health. And in the process make health a skill. To good health DrBill


  1. Doc, I get the formula, 2 months of release for every year of symptoms. My symptoms were mild then suddenly got real bad. I’ve had mild symptoms for probably 16 years so, what can I expect?
    My suffering is horrible and can’t tell after a year of following your program if it’s really noticeably improving. Maybe the flares aren’t as frequent, but still there often and urgency frequency still hard on me.
    So basically question is, do you count severe symptoms in this formula of years or the mild ones too?

  2. I’m really struggling with continuing to live doc, too much suffering. I wonder and ask will this ever go away

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