Management of Chronic Disease: The Curse of Lifestyle Behavior Patterns

neurons, transferring pulses and generating information.

Chronic disease is different than acute disease  If you have appendicitis, remove the appendix and voila, you're fixed

But most disease is chronic and not surprisingly it's due to our lifestyle choices  Yes, here's the problem in a nutshell  We create our disease by the unconsious choices that we make over our lifetimes

This can be very annoying to hear and many point to the infant born with congenital anomalies as an argument to avoid responsibility but the choice we make of our parents plays the role as to what decisions the unconscious mother makes for her in utero child  At other times the unborn child carries karma to work out in this lifetime that comes out as congenital anomaly of some form 

The bottom line is that as much as we would like to avoid our disease responsibility from an energy science view, the discipline will not let us off the hook  In the end this is actually a blessing  It prevents us from playing the blame game  It's our parent's fault, it's my spouse's problem, it's just in my genes which is probably the closest reason as we will soon see

Chronic Disease Means Chronic Management

As we said cute disease is short lived and the solutions are straight forward But chronic disease management requires continuous ongoing treatment therapies which becomes a problem for us living in a Vata vitiated society who want our solutions yesterday

From an energy science point of view treatment guidelines revolve around those which center on lifestyle behavior patterns(LBP) which are the most difficult for us as humans to deal with From an epigenetic view the reason for this is actually based on methylation groups that prevent us from changing easily This methylation obstructs us from changing our LBP Essentially unhealthy LBP are obstacles to health

Holocaust survivors have high levels of methylation and leave them mentally "scarred" Unfortunately this methylated scarring becomes heritable whatever the traumatic event may be But it brings up questions for us such as "Is agni or eating patterns heritable?"

The good news for us who are challenged by LBP's that are not supportive for healing IC is remember that is takes just 8 weeks to reverse patterns not supportive of moving in the right direction That's right, 8 weeks to reverse those pesky methylation patterns that prevent us from changing to healthy LBP's

What Makes a Healthy LBP?

Ayurveda, the energy science of healing, gives us guidelines for healthy living Say we get up at 9am and go to bed at midnight Ayurveda would say that it would be better to go to bed early and get up earlier How much volume to drink during the day? How much to eat at the biggest meal of the day? What are the best foods to bring about physiologic balance?

The LBP help us live our lives in balance because that promotes health and heals chronic disease The above questions seem like they would have nothing to do with the IC bladder pain syndrome but from an energy science point of view they are all suggestions to bring about physiologic balance that will produce a foundation by which other therapies will build on the foundation of LBP

 5 Ways to Deal with Pesky Unhealthy LBP

Yes, it's possible to change those methylation groups leading to unsuccessful unhealty patterns or LBP The reason that they work is that these activities produce mental clarity Any technique as a matter of fact that induces more mental clarity will decrease "bad" methylation which induces unfavorable LBP

1 Meditation is becoming a well known technique to quiet the mind An active mind clouds our soul's intelligence leading to poor decision making that leads to repetitive destructive LBP

2 Mantra work is the repetition of sounds that evoke DNA demethylation Essentially the sounds said mentally to yourself bump off these unwanted methylated groups to bring about change in any LBP

3 Breath retention is a form of meditation but has the added advantage of improving agni and promoting love, compassion, and peace

4 Herbs can change over time behavior patterns because herbs work at the level of mind or DNA

5 Marma therapy directly works at the level of mind so unwanted patterns slip away and one is consciously directed in different directions

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Detoxification and Lifestyle Behavior Patterns

Work Life BalanceWhen we discuss the energetic management of a disease process, a different world of healing is entered We leave behind our thinking about the body as a collection of molecules that can be manipulated by surgery and Pharma and begin seeing our mindbodies as energy fields This has great value since all disease begins in the energy field way before it becomes manifest in the world of molecules

The energy science of Ayurveda not only gives us a vocabulary(Vata, Pitta, Kapha, agni etc) by which we can talk about our mindbodies as energy fields but it also gives us lots of ways to take care of our energy mindbodies When's the best time to get up in the morning or to go to bed, what's the best time to eat our biggest meal....all based on the concept that we are energetic expressions of Nature Herself The icdiet and the VPK nutritional formats are based on this energetic concept

5 Fundamental Energy Daily Practices

These practices could be called "healthy" lifestyle behavior patterns because they induce detoxification of the energy mindbody

1 Get up with Nature and go to bed with Nature This means we should be getting up early(between 5 and 7a) and go to bed between 930 and 11p

2 Biggest meal at noon Nature's most active time of the day is at noon and this is when our digestion is the strongest(even if it's lousy it will the least lousy at noon time) and so we should take advantage of this simple concept

3 Improve your digestion Using foods that are energetically suitable for us; avoid snacking(fruit is an exception); avoid incompatible food combinations; only consuming what you can hold in your 2 hands at any one meal; using CCF tea and other spices routinely  Also using that aid in detoxification such as tapioca and arrowroot

4 Have a morning routine Splash cold water into the eyes(wakes up the nervous system) do a sesame oil swish(draws Kapha energy in the form of mucous from the nasal passages), use of a neti pot to draw Kapha energy, brush the teeth, and every 2 weeks place garlic oil in the ear canals to prevent wax accumulation Then number 5.....

5 Exercise daily This improves our digestive strength and enhances the upward and downward energy of the mindbody Kapalabhati is a specific energy breathing technique that is very powerful 10 pushups(improves upward moving energy) and 10 situps improves downward moving energy

The Biological Energy Science: Changing the Way You Think

So there is a deeply rooted understanding of our relationship with Nature and this then helps direct our choices This is what is fundamentally missing with our current matter science discipline of healing.....a lack of philosophy...that is, a way of thinking The energy science of Ayurveda is part of a greater system of thinking which is a philosophy of life

It defines our relationship with that which is around us, that is, our world According to this way of thinking we are part of Nature Herself and Nature is discussed in terms of energy patterns of VPK Then we understand that everything is defined in the visible and invisible world as VPK(that is, there are VPK times of day, VPK seasons, and VPK institutions and companies.....because they are nothing but collections of VPK)

This makes the energy science system of healing different than today's way of healing

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Fear of Not Having Enough

bigstockphoto_Appetite_5655612Scarcity mentality(a frame of reference, a state of the mind having nothing to do with reality)

The origin of the word scarcity for me is scare + ity implies a state of fear Scare comes from the root skirra meaning to frighten But fear of what? The answer: Not having enough(of anything)

We live currently in one of the most abundant civilizations on the planet yet we live nutritonally in scarcity This observation is predicated on obsession with overeating and buying what we don't need in terms of food and material goods We force food because we fear we won't have enough, perhaps from our parents who lived through the depression

If we don't get enough, something terribe is going to happen And the real danger is that if we feel a certain flavor of fear, we will invariably push that fear onto our kids energetically

I think most will agree that kids are very in tune They sense many things that we as adults gloss over And it is in this setting that children are learning how to do life They are like energy sponges picking up every nuance they observe with all five senses This may not appear to be the case due to their communication abilities but we shouldn't let that deceive us

If we recognize that we are operating from a scarcity mentality that is a huge step in stopping some rather unhealthy eating behaviors

Among many things it does the following:

Reduces the chances that we as parents will force food at our children

Helps with overeating

Helps with overbuying

Helps with fasting which helps with digestive fire

Can you see where scarcity plays a role in eating patterns? Can you see how that might play a role in creating childhood habits? Have you seen this play out in your family?

To health as a Skill Love DrBill

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15 Methods to Enhance Digestive Fire

Spices at the market Marrakech, Morocco and AfricaDigestive fire is a collective term for all the enzyme and bacterial systems in the gut from the stomach to the rectum  When we have a good digestive fire we can burn through past mistakes and current ones that we make when we eat foods that aren't balancing for us or poor food combinations  

Over the years of doing these mistakes without rectifying for them, the accumulated imbalance in the GI tract begins to make us sick  Hence preserving or making the digestive fire healthy is of prime importance  Here are some tips as to how you can make your fire robust and best for optimal health

1 Biggest Meal at midday

2 Only eat when appetite is ready for the experience of food

3 No snacks between meals

4 All beverages at room temperature   Ice is not nice

5 Tongue scraping stimulates digestive fire

6 Do at least one meal every 2 to 3 days in silence

7 Try to not eat when emotionally upset or bored

8 Try not  to eat large meals late at night

9 Drink milk separate from meals

10 Use a rice bowl or similar measuring device for measuring 2 handfuls (how much should eat at any one meal)

11 Juice fast according to VPK protocol

12 Try to always sit to eat

13 Exercise regularly

14 Use churans to improve the digestion of a meal

15 Don't chew gum  This may sound strange but if saliva is continually sent to the stomach with mastication movements of the mouth, the body thinks that eating is occurring  This false signal makes the body feel that it's eating all the time and essentially causes deterioration of agni(digestive fire)

Do these tips on a regular basis and see for yourself how you feel after meals

To Health as a Skill   Love DB

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Planetary Health: What Does It Mean for Your Own Health

 bigstock_Colorful_Earth_1825892Does it seem strange that we can impact the ills of our Mother Earth by improving our own health? From an energy perspective this totally makes sense

Mother Earth is our extended mindbody from an energy perspective because it is not just "my energy field". You and I are part of a greater energy field, Mother Earth and this larger energy field is part of an even greater energy field, the Milky Way and that is part of the larger galactal systems of the visible universe

But here locally on planet earth we do indeed have unarguable challenges Global warming, climacteric convulsions such as tsunamis and overpopulation and starvation would come to mind but you get the drift Our planet is getting sick and we are intimately responsible

Witness the finding of an island of plastic located in the South Pacific, the finding of DDT in artic waters or high levels of mercury in artic animals Our pollution on the planet by our dominating population of our species is creating significant dis-ease or imbalance for our Mother Earth

OK, we say, we'll start recycling! We will eat organic and stop the pesticides And I'll even get a fuel efficient vehicle

What else can we do that would be impactful? Well, we could balance our own physiologies From an energetic standpoint, it makes little sense to recycle if we are not willing to take care of our own health The health of the planet is dependent on the health of the individuals who inhabit it. It is an undeniable conclusion from a mindbody point of view

So as JFK said, "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country" We can paraphrase and say, "Ask not what I can get from Mother Earth Ask what I can do to heal my dearest loving Mother who has given me so much"

And one of the greatest gifts we can give our loving Mother is to be energetically healthy and in balance That is true love my friends. DrBill

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5 Tips to Enhance Agni

Stomach disorder concept

In the energy science of Ayurveda there can be no disease without the presence of toxicity In this discipline it's called AMA(this doesn't stand for the American Medical Association) which means undigested, unprocessed food Hmmm, if I have unprocessed, undigested food hanging around in my GIT(GI tract) that must mean that my digestive capability is in some way impaired? Bingo

Toxicity and Disease

So in the end the root cause of all disease is the presence of bodily AMA  And to heal any disease whether it be rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, GERD, or fibromyalgia I must address AMA in the body

AMA physically is a substance that is thick(dense), sticky, heavy, slow to move, cold, slimy, and gross(meaning easy to spot in the body) Think of a thick plaque in a vessel wall that obstructs blood flow and you have a good idea of what AMA is And just like that plaque impairs flow of blood to the tissues that it supplies, energetically it impairs the flow of energy in the body

When there is energy stagnation in the physical or mental body there can be pain, either physical or emotional

So when you have pain somewhere in your body it implies that there is energetic stagnation and the free flow of energy has been disrupted

The Importance of Digestive Fire

So if all diseases have AMA and my digestive fire is weak, then if I want to clear the diseases such as autoimmune disease then I should work on improving my digestive power or agni(the words fire, power, strength, and agni are all used interchangeably here) This is a radical departure from current medical thinking since the models are so different But then again that's why the energy model can be successful since it understands the origin of disease from an energy science view

So the first item on the agenda in healing disease is to improve digestion, absorption, and assimilation of the GIT

1 CCF tea Cumin, coriander and fennel tea is elemental to improve digestion because it stokes agni That's why sipping on this tea all day, everyday is helpful for clearing AMA

2 Stop putting wet logs on your digestion When I entertain foods that don't resonate with my energy makeup(go to or use IFC(incompatible food combinations) it's like dampening my agni which is all the enzyme systems of the GIT from the mouth to lower rectum including the bacteria which are also part of agni

3 Using other agni enhancers Fresh ginger tea with a dash of cayenne(agni tea), cardamon, vanilla, cinnamon, turmeric are all excellent agni enhancers that I can use in my cooking or beverages to enhance agni

4 Breathing techniques(pranayama) Interestingly the yoga tradition has many different ways to physically enhance agni These breathing techniques can change the course of IC due to the power of clearing AMA

5 Yoga postures The digestive system is represented in the space of the abdomen and when you do postures that engage this area you literally engage agni and improve it From a molecular point of view this cannot be understood but energetically it makes perfect sense

So there you have it A starter sequence that can get you on your way to healing IC Oh, BTW, people have AMA and because they feel OK, they don't think they have toxic load They're only fooling themselves Everybody has it, it just depends where it's going to show up

Another thing The AMA that occurs in the urinary tract channel has a good chance of getting cleared When the AMA starts showing up in other places (like fibromyalgia) it's more difficult, doable but harder

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