The Energetic Truth About Food Allergies

Woman Stomachache In BedEnergetically food allergies or sensitivities are a result of poor digestion This is difficult to understand from a molecular approach to dis-ease since the current health care model sees molecules and our reactions to them as the problem in allergies  Find the offending molecule, avoid the molecule, and the problem is solved

This is frustrating to patients seeking to understand food allergies and how to treat it because the offending molecule can be difficult to figure out And it sometimes leads a real difficulty in choosing foods thinking that perhaps the symptoms are related to their "food allergies" so they are fearful of eating anything Often times elimination diets are used to try to sort it out but usually come up with equivocal solutions

The Dis-ease Origin Is the Same

With a different way of seeing the mindbody from an energy science viewpoint rather than the currently used matter science discipline it becomes clear that food allergies are interrelated with IC Why is this so?

Dis-ease or lack of harmony in the mindbody begins in the gastrointestinal tract(GIT) and when there is too much of the hot quality it leaves the GIT to be eliminated through the urinary tract The GIT is not healthy enough to deal with the excess hot quality

Food allergies that occur in the GIT leads to distress as well but the energy science explanation is due to lack of digestive strength The same lack of digestive strength leads to two seemingly different forms of dis-ease

Lack of Digestive Strength

Digestive strength from a matter or molecular science approach is not enough digestive enzymes to do the job Because of this toxic debris builds up much like a cold campfire has unprocessed charred remains Acute symptoms occur after eating such as:

Poor appetite Coated tongue Nausea Bloating

Belching with smell of previously eaten food

Weakness and fatigue Foul gas or flatus; bad-smelling feces Unhappiness Constipation or diarrhea

Abdominal pain and/or distention Bad breath Bad taste in the mouth Restlessness

Heaviness after food

Congestion Excessive sleep

These signs and symptoms represent poor digestive strength but as you can see could be interpreted as "food allergy"

Then chronic signs and symptoms may occur over years of poor digestion strength:

Tissue emaciation Malabsorption Emotional eating Food cravings Food allergies

Insomnia Poor visual perception Poor circulation Abnormal color and complexion

Lack of luster(skin rashes)

Fear Grief, sadness, and depression Confusion Apathy, repulsion Shortened life span


Indecisiveness and lack of discrimination Lack of intelligence(loss of clarity) Impatience

Improper direction and inappropriate goals

Isn't it interesting that fear, confusion, apathy, aggressiveness occur in this list of chronic symptoms? The reason for this is that there is a mindbody connection What happens in the mind happens in the body What happens in the body happens in the mind

From an energy science view mind and body are intimately spliced You cannot separate them Mind is in every cell of the body So we see that if the GIT is effected with dis-ease or disharmony then it will register in the mind and these psychological manifestations will be apparent

3 Things to Do to Improve Digestive Strength

As I have said in previous blogs eating according to your mindbody energy makeup is the most important thing along with avoiding poor food combinations But here are some other general things you can do as well

1 Use a green composite protein recipe

2 Use of cooling spices such as cumin coriander fennel seed mint cardamon tumeric and fresh basil and avoidance of other heating spices These will aid in digestion

3 Use a probiotic and make fresh homemade yogurt...dilute 80% water with 20% yogurt to make a probiotic drink Drink after the noon meal


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Body Odor and Flatulence

OoopsA patient was relating to me that when he talked with a matter field gastroenterologist about his problem of odorous flatus he got the response, "Oh everyone has a problem with that every once in a while."

While that may be true in part, the energy sciences have a lot to say about flatus and body odors for these symptoms are signs of energy stagnation in the mindbody.

And energy stagnation is a serious problem whether transient or constant. When energy becomes stagnant bacteria begin growing in these stagnant fields and produce noxious gases that then become manifested. Whether this is in the mouth with resultant halitosis, in the gut, or urinary tract with urinary tract infections, stagnant energy is a symptom that should not be dismissed.

So energy stagnation is a serious symptom of dysfunction and illness of the GI tract that can then disseminate to all areas of the mindbody physiology. Once this stagnation begins to disseminate to the far reaches of the tissues it is very difficult to eradicate.

And swallowing deoderant is not an option with odorous GI elimination.

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Antiinflammatory Foods

river coolingAny disease with an inflammatory component such as mulitiple sclerosis  can get ramped up during the summer months due to the hot quality that gets even more expressed We’ve chosen eleven ingredients we like that cool Pitta dosha particularly during the hot summer months If we’ve missed one of your favorites, please let us know in the comment section below
river cooling

11 Ways to Cool Off

1. Coconut
There are so many ways to use coconut and so many coconut products to enjoy – coconut water, coconut non-dairy milk and the traditional coconut flakes. Be aware that the oil, while it is certainly cooling, is not recommended for Vata and Kapha

2. Cilantro
Use as a garnish, stir chopped cilantro into a soup or toss with your salad greens.

3. Mint
Mint makes an amazing tea, loved by many. Toss fresh mint into your salad, on fruit or dessert.

4. Fennel
Fennel is wonderfully aromatic with its anise or licorice scent. Saute the seeds in oil to add to your favorite soups or stews. Add the powder to your chai or favorite hot beverage, or sprinkle onto your salad or dinner entree.

5. Rose Water
Add a dash to smoothies, rice puddings or a bowl of fruit. Substitute rose water for vanilla extract in recipes.

6. Pomegranate Molasses
The sugar that condenses when pomegranate juice is cooked forms pomegranate molasses and is quite heavenly. Add to salad dressings, dips and spreads, and use in marinades.

7. Sunflower Oil
This oil is traditionally used externally in Ayurveda as a cooling oil for Pitta. Enjoy sunflower oil as a substitute for vegetable oil. It is mild and light.

8. Maple Syrup
Use this cooling sweetener as you would any sugar. Would also be delicious in salad dressings and marinades.

9. Ghee
Ghee is clarified butter. It is beneficial for all three doshas (kaphas should use in moderation). It is delicious and easy to make. Use as you would butter or oil.

10. Turmeric
Turmeric has certainly seen a lot of press the past few years for it’s amazing health benefits. And fortunately it’s not difficult to add to your diet. Rice dishes, or potato or egg salads all taste delicious with some added turmeric. And of course there is curry!

11 Chyawanprash is a tasty Ayurvedic jam usually taken with warm water, milk, milk substitute whose prinicipal ingredient is amla derived from a berry that has very high Vitamin C but is not acidic It's very valuable in high Pitta conditions and therefore antiinflammatory Here's a link

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5 Ways to Deal With Chronic Pain

stomach painIn the energy science of Ayurveda imbalance of qualities such as hot, cold, heavy, light affect the metabolic fire called agni When this happens the end result is a toxic morbid substance called ama This is essence is how disease occurs in the energy model discipline

In chronic diseases the qualities lead to early symptoms of the disease complex but as progression occurs more qualities become involved and deeper tissues become affected due to the mounting amount of ama

Clogging of Energy Channels

When energy channels become obstructed with ama then there is no free flow of energy in the mindbody This leads to a buildup of the Vata energy pattern which is freely circulating in the channels(common channels we know from a Western perspective are the GI tract, large vessels like the aorta or vena cava, neural pathways, and the respiratory system)

Vata, when obstructed in the channels, causes pain In Ayurveda there is no pain without Vata So in the chronic disease pain is related to clogged channels from ama accumulation and the blockage of the free flow of Vata Often this is neurologic like pain and follows what I have written about in earlier blogs about the origin of any syndrome associated with pain

As you can see, keeping the channels open is essential for keeping vatagenic pain in check It is also important for immunity, and overall health To keep the channels open, it is important to eat fresh food with spices that help digestion so that ama is not formed When ama (partially digested food) is formed, its sticky nature blocks the channels and aggravates vata Also spices in your food, give a general warming effect to the whole body which helps to keep the channels open, and vata flowing

5 Ways to Prevent and Clear Pain

Staying warm The Vata energy pattern has the qualities of cold, light mobile, dry, rough, subtle, and clear so when we don't stay warm this can increase the Vata guna of cold and increase our pain Think about it....if you get cold the mindbody contracts  Don't let your feet get cold  Don't eat cold food and drink You might think ice cream is vata-pacifying because it's dairy but it's not  It is actually vata-aggravating   Anything cold you put in your system closes the channels and blocks the flow of vata That's why you get a headache if you eat cold things quickly

Transdermal creams can be used for pain control with reasonably good effect One has to be consistent, persistent, and disciplined in their use but if applied properly they can be very effective

Nutrition that causes pain Large beans, bananas, winter squashes and extra heavy foods are all known in Ayurveda as visthambi, (clogging to the srotas or channels)  Avoid these items in your diet and you will find your channels are more open, and your vatagenic pain is less  Also, avoid the nightshades (potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, eggplant) because these toxic plants block the vibrational channels (nadis), which can subsequently cause the physical channels (srotas or channels) to shrink

Avoiding leftover foods or pre-packaged foods is important too These foods are not easily digested by the body and result in ama right away This promotes clogging of the channels and lessen the free flow of Vata

Daily schedules   Regular routine is Vata pacifying so daily schedules are irregular and hectic(Vata provoking) there will be a tendency to increase the Vata energy pattern

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Yeast and Dis-ease

bigstockphoto_Rising_Dough_In_Bowl_3888661While naturally occurring yeast in our nutrition is healthy, in the West we have become excessive users of yeasted products primarily in the form of bread products and pastry This adversely affects the bowel flora or the microbiome of the gut because yeast overgrowth is a definite complication This is why yeasted bread products are listed in the No column in the energy science nutritional formats

Energetically the sweet taste soothes the nervous system Even though we grow up with the sweet smell of oven baked bread and yearn for the sweet taste in its many different forms unfortunately the yeast in bread products can do a number on our gut flora This is why if we look at the planetary nutritional habits we'll see that 80% of the population uses flatbreads as a way of taking their grains which have naturally occurring yeast, not yeast that has been artificially added to produce the puffiness of the dough

Dis-ease and Yeast

What does yeast have to do with dis-ease in the energy physiology?

Think about what yeast does to dough as it rises The excess yeast in the dough produces the hot quality during the rising process We can feel that hot quality on the sides of the bowl as the process is occurring This hot quality is delivered to the GIT and produces an additive effect to the already present hot quality in the gut As you may remember it's the hot quality that produces many of the symptoms of dis-eases such as gastroesophageal reflux(heartburn), diarrhea, inflammatory bowel dis-ease, and inflammatory joint dis-ease

But what else are we observing? The dough begins to "rise" This rising is an result of the CO2 gas being produced by the yeasties as a byproduct of their metabolizing of sugars in the flour The result energetically is the qualities of cold, light, mobile, dry, rough, subtle, and clear are being added to the GIT when we consume yeasted products These qualities of gas lead to a build up of the Vata energy pattern in the GIT

Vata is a primary player in all dis-ease processes in the mindbody and in particular 80% of dis-eases that are seen  So you can see how very important it is to limit  the influence of Vata in the body

What To Do About Dietary Yeast?

So there are a number of different lifestyle behaviors that you can take on that will make your gut a happier place

Use flatbreads such as sprouted wheat tortillas, pancakes, or corn tortillas(corn should not be used for PV energy makeup)

Consume naturally occurring yeast found in all grain flours We don't have to go looking for this because it's naturally there for us

Avoid the bakery section in grocery stores As Vata pacifying as it may be this section of the store should be off limits

Scones which are a great bakery good without the yeast  

Don't supplement with yeast This seems obvious but in many matter science health communities we find recommendations for yeast supplementation While this may be a good idea from a molecular point of view it makes little sense from an energy science perspective

Toast the bread if you have to have it so that the residual yeast and the Vata qualities are not consumed

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Healing Expectations: Redefining What It Takes to Heal

Healing quoteWould we think it unusual that someone involved in a severe car accident would walk out of the ICU in a couple of days looking well? In the same way would we think it ususual that someone with chronic disease would clear their symptoms in a couple of months?

When various energy science therapies are used healing is elicited because therapies help correct the imbalance of qualities For example, the qualities of hot and mobile over time get cleared from the body with therapies

It literally takes years to cultivate these imbalances due to unconscious lifestyle choices Energy science work is not like taking an antibiotic for a few days and everything is better Wish it were that simple in the world of imbalances But the question often arises as to how long do I have to do this work to see benefits?

Foundational Therapies

Since all disease begins in the gastrointestinal tract(GIT) except for trauma nutrition that supports the energy constitutional makeup becomes foundational therapy for helping support a return to qualitative balance and eliminates imbalancing qualities in the GIT For example if a VP has a diet rich in nightshades(tomato, eggplant, peppers) simply removing those from the diet can be an important step toward bringing balance

Observing the removal of incompatible food combinations is another foundational therapeutic step to aid the GIT to correct the imbalances of the hot and mobile qualities of the syndrome

Therapies that support improving agni(digestive power) also do this rebalancing because removing ama improves the rebalancing effort

But how long does it take for rebalancing? Foods are instantaneous in terms of their effects in the GIT they have the most immediate impact on symptoms and within 7-10 days one can experience shifts in symptoms But the time for these foundational therapies to do their magic is dependent upon how long the GIT has been imbalanced The estimate is 2mo for every year of symptoms

Advanced Therapies

There are clinical situations where the imbalance that was created is beyond simple nutritional work In this setting there are more advanced therapies that are required in order to achieve the clearing of the qualitative imbalances developed Typically the symptoms have gone beyond the basic disease process

Again these advanced therapies such as herbal formulas, basti management, and detoxification procedures are part of getting better but again require time Oddly when the energy mindbody reaches this advanced stage of dis-ease the length of time remains the same...2mo for every year of symptoms, that is, if you've been having problems for 10 years then it will take one year and 4 months to progress to a symptom free state

Appropriate Expectations

So we can see that when we do energy science work to heal the IC syndrome it requires dedicated work on our part to maintain lifestyle changes that support the clearance of the imbalances created Unfortunately in life there is no quick fix I think we all intuitively know that but we hope against hope that it's not true

Another interference to doing this work is lack of clarity as to the decision making about whether this is an approach worth trying Only you can decide whether the journey is worthwhile

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