The Heavy Feeling and Toxicity

Have we ever felt physically heavy, sluggish, and just not wanting to move? And that's the groundstate for depression, isn't it? Because depression actually means to not move. Our mindbody energy has slowed down. When these qualities are felt they indicate either a buildup of the Kapha energy pattern or toxicity or both.

Energy that doesn't flow in the mindbody becomes like stagnant Crystal Clear Lakepools of water in a mountain stream or lake. The mobility of water is almost imperceptible. With less and less flow through the pool life begins to spawn. Small fish find a home, vegetative growth becomes obvious, and the quality of slow/dull overcomes the vibrational frequency of sharp/penetrating. The static quality has become more dominant over the mobile quality. And the pools of water become have less clarity and become cloudy because of the growth. So stagnant(static) energy in the mindbody promotes growth of debris.

"OK, so my mindbody energy flow is like a mountain stream. I can relate intellectually, but what is that like experientially? What does it feel like to have the mobile quality?"

In the realm of biological energy it's all about feeling. We feel slow/dull. We know our energy mindbody has become relatively reduced in mobility.

So mobility is sensed when we feel tingling in mindbody parts such as the extremities and we feel bright, "energized", and alive. Have we ever felt like that after a vigorous massage? The mindbody feels crisp and alert. Ask someone to give you a brisk massage and see if you can sense it.

As healing occurs stagnant pools of energy in the mindbody that have gone into a deep Rip VanWinkle sleep over literally years become awakened and alive again. To have mobility energetically is to be alive, rejuvenated, and participate.

Here's the deal. We can never know mobility unless we know static. So be grateful for those slow/dull times so you can feel the exhiliration of mobile and sharp/penetrating. But become addicted to neither. It's about balance.                             To good health DrBill

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome: An Energy Science Perspective

IBSDigestive fire is a collective term for all the enzyme and bacterial systems from mouth to anus So you can see it has broad connotations in terms of good bowel function and if abnormal potential for poor bowel function

From an energy science point of view irritable bowel syndrome(IBS) is a collection of bowel symptoms related to disturbed digestive fire or what Ayurveda terms agni As I have written in the past most people's agni is not up to par The reason for this is quite simple The concept of agni is not even in our health vocabulary 

How would you know about it and hence take care of it if you don't know it exists?

This is a significant problem for the present day health consumer but unfortunately she is duped by the matter science model into believing it is complete Suffice it to say the majority of the population suffers from symptoms of IBS

The Symptoms of IBS

The types of IBS fall into four categories: Vata Pitta Kapha and combination patterns By far and away the latter makes up the majority of those affected by symptoms The most common symptom of IBS is bloating after eating for short or extended periods of time

Many people don't know that they bloat and some who have an exaggerated bloat know it very well Abdominal distention occurs as a result of the gaseous bowel distention Other symptoms include diarrhea, constipation, or a mixture of diarrhea and constipation At times flatulence or excessive gas that may be malodorous may occur

When the Kapha energy pattern is manifested in large degree mucous will be present in the stools but the worst IBS of all is when the mucous becomes dried in the GI tract This creates a marked problem for elimination This latter group of IBS can become severely debilitated professionally, physically, and often emotionally drained due to the chronicity of the disease This is the ultimate in the manifestation of IBS and the matter science has little to offer in such cases

The Creation of Ama

Now the stage is set for the next phase of disease  Agni becomes impaired and due to this undigested food begins to accumulate in the GI tract  The energy science of Ayurveda terms this ama(not to be confused with the American Medical Association)

This ama begins to clogs the lymphatics of the bowel wall leading to malabsorption, food intolerances(aka allergies), and "overgrowth syndromes"(yeast etc), and in children the autism spectrum disorder  As a matter of fact we could simply do fill ama would be part of the disease

In essence IBS goes together with almost all diseases except for perhaps trauma The bowel dysfunction related to disturbed agni is fundamental to the unfolding causative process of every disease in the mindbody even mental disease

Energeticall vibrational frequencies begin to accumulate in the GI tract and then spread to different partsof the mindbody to promote mischief

Treating IBS

So treating any disease requires that IBS is treated as well According to posts there are essentially two levels of therapy for any energetic imbalance in the mindbody The first level is to stop the condition from getting any worse The second level is to remove the offending vibrational frequencies using specific therapeutic modalites that have already been discussed

But one of the integral therapies in IBS treatment is to deal with the cause of the problem.....disturbed agni This is paramount to successful management and since the matter science doesn't even have the concept all bets are off that IBS management will be successful

Many many of the blog posts done in the past have made suggestions about how to promote better agni CCF tea, agni tea, ginger tea are all about promoting better balanced agni Herbs can be very impactful in this regard and it's beyond the scope of this dialogue today to address them

Using a nutritional format appropriate for your energy constitution and avoiding incompatible food combinations can be very helpful in not aggravating the condition In this regard the daily use of churans as talked about in the past is very advantageous

A specific pranayama(breathing exercises) flow sequence can really help impaired disturbed agni by balancing it Dependent on the severity of the IBS other methods can be employed And yoga asana practice has been successfully employed in the matter science literature

As in all energy work however it's not just one thing that creates healing....healing requires a multifaceted approach to bring about real healing

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The Unidimensional Approach to Healing and IBS

Female Chemist with moleculesIn the energy science world of healing it's not just one thing but a mulitiplicity of treatments that you do that brings about healing of your body    This is in contrast from the matter science model of healing that says if you do just this one thing (take a pill) you will get major benefit such that you won't have to do anything else For example if your blood pressure is high then take this pill and you'll be better Or better yet, take two or three different types of pills and you'll be better

So pill popping is the ONE way to deal with any disease in matter science medicine And there's nothing wrong with that approach except for the fact that it usually doesn't work very well

Energy Science Healing

Because of the nature of the energy science model of healing using a qualitative approach not all qualities that are out of balance can be addressed with just one approach   For example, the hot quality of IBS exhibiting as mixed diarrhea and constipation can be reliably dealt with by using cooling herbs such as CCF tea, aloe vera gel, and the antiinflammatory herbs that I have written about in the past

But the symptoms of urgency, frequency, and to some degree of pain are related to the qualities of light, subtle, rough, and dry These are best managed not only with herbs but with internal and external oleation with or without marma therapy, a nutritional format for your mindbody constitution, and basti therapy that I have discussed in the past

So you can see that in energy work it's not just one thing but a multiplicity of things that are used in order to bring about balance of the qualities that are out of whack and producing the symptoms that you're experiencing all the time

Anxiety and IBS

There are two types of IBS according to the energy science of Ayurveda   The first is a Pitta imbalance in the GI tract where the hot quality produces an urgent need for stooling after meals   The second produces a dull aching pain in the lower abdomen and discomfort after eating   This latter condition is related to first Vata aggravation and secondarily Pitta imbalance   So from a practical view IBS is a Vata or Pitta imbalance

If you're experiencing symptoms in the body then there is an imbalance being expressed   So if you're experiencing anxiety with IBS there is a Vata imbalance in the nervous system as well as the gut of the qualities of light, subtle, clear, and mobile   See that some of the same qualities that are producing diarrhea, constipation, gas, and bloating  are some of the same qualities that are creating anxiety   This is why people with IBS often are anxious about their disease or imbalance which is completely understandable from an energy science point of view

In this case however some of the aforementioned therapies would be different   For example the herbs used would be those that would calm the nervous system; yoga asana practice is particularly effective (halasana, locust, chest knee, and uttanasana); yoga nidra as a form of meditation or a practice of calming the mind could be done; and aromatherapy   Here you see a group of therapies quite different from the above treatment for the hot (Pitta) quality because different qualities are being treated in order to bring them into balance

Another Important Difference from the Matter Science Model of Healing

Thus far I have talked about the pill oriented unidimensional approach with the matter science healing model and contrasted that to the energy science multifaceted approach to disease

But another important difference is the time of exposure to treatment   Real healing takes time  So the rule is that for every year of imbalance it will take two months of treatment for recovery    And then you're done Not a bad tradeoff

Let's see forever having symptoms and using pillsbigstockphoto_Supplements_7072456 with the matter science approach versus 2-3 years with the energy science approach    Which would you choose?

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Until next week To Health as a Skill Love Dr Bill

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What’s the Required Healing Time Using an Energy Science Approach

Obviously this is a common question posed by those doing energy science work for clearance of any disease complex whether it be IBS, GERD, or fibromyalgia

As a child you may have asked, “Are we there yet?” and "Now are we there yet?" So when will I see payoff for changing lifestyle behavior patterns?

The short answer is, “It’s over when it’s over.” But to be more specific, in general it takes 2 months of release for every year of imbalance So if you have had symptoms of IC for 10 years it will take 20 months of work to clear the energy qualities that have accumulated

This would make sense wouldn't it? The longer the imbalance the more work is required to get resolution This doesn't mean that there will not be improvement of symptoms The flare intensity get less as the months go by and then the frequency lessens But real healing takes time!

Are You Particle(Molecule) or Wave?

The body is simultaneously a matter field and an energy field. The former expresses itself as molecules or particles and the latter as waves of energy   So this is how the energy field expresses dis-ease    In waves

Sound familiar? The waves are symptom complexes that occur in the body   And they continue to express themselves until you do something about it   Until you decide to intervene   Otherwise the expression of the excess qualities will continue to occur

Because the matter field is a gross expression of the more subtle energy field, you now can see why disease begins with qualities that then eventually become manifest as particles or molecules in the matter field   The matter field is the last to show that there is energetic disruption or imbalance in the body   The matter field is like the tip of an iceberg

This is why I can say with certainty that the matter science will never be able to heal chronic diseases with its molecular approach to dis-ease

The Concept of Release

In many diseases(possibly all) there is an inflammatory component with the energy patterns of Vata and Pitta   The symptoms of Vata presence begin episodic expression of light, cold, rough, dry, and mobile which lead to changes in the body's tissues   Pitta’s presence of inflammation lead to burning in the stomach, burning pain in the pelvis, muscles, or generally in the abdominal area due to the sharp, hot, liquid and spreading

For example these qualities can lodge in the urinary tract and express as energy or wave   So the intermittent flares that occur in the body are waves of energetic expression

But what happens when you decide to do things to differently? You begin paying attention to your day and how you live it    Energy science nutrition becomes important and you start seeing food as medicine    You choose certain herbs that can help with IC and use them regularly

When you no longer support the overexpression of these qualities in the body by the foods that you eat, the body naturally begins letting go of these excess qualities of light, cold, rough, dry, mobile, sharp, hot, liquid and spreading   This takes time but by and by there is lessening of the symptoms that the qualities brought and healing begins to occur

What you see is gradual regression of the symptoms    They don't stop all at once There is a receding of the complex of symptoms much like the outgoing tide on the beach

Until next week                   To health as a Skill           Love DB

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Women’s Health and Disease Prevention

Well it's nice to be back  After spending a year doing a fellowship in Energy Science Medicine at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque NM I am now doing general Ayurvedic energy science consulting online as well as helping a very specific group of men, women, and children who have a problem called interstitial cystitis 

For today I wanted to discuss the feminine energy and its creativity that leads to transformation in any group large or small especially as it revolves around health and disease prevention

The Feminine Energy

The feminine energy is the creative force in Nature and abides in everything(yes I mean everything) we observe  Any force that is creative whether it be the bringing of new life, sculpting a beautiful piece of art, or the beginning of a new plant are all aspects of the feminine

Feminine energy is not gender specific when we view its activity in ourselves  We are all aware of the very creative male but suffice it to say the female within any culture is primarily responsible for the creative force  It's almost as if "it's their job(dharma if you will) to take on that role"  And obviously the feminine takes on that role with zeal, zest, and pride in their power

Leading the Way

A culture is brought about by the feminine creative energy  It's the leading force in producing new ideas, moving on to new frontiers, and loss of the fear of engaging in a different way of doing things

We look to the feminine to give us new ways of doing the old  Not necessarily destroy the old and bring on the new for that's a masculine energy  The feminine is to introduce us to the new and fresh ways of viewing our reality 

So What?

I find it startling how low the number of people who actually are interested in disease prevention  It's accepted norm or fact that everyone gets their fare share and so we just move on 

It's the accepted norm that disease is not preventable  And clearly that once you've got chronic disease it's yours for life 

I would offer from a energy science view that disease is preventable and even chronic disease is reversible  It takes work on our part but it is indeed the case  We just have to have a different mindset  For example, moving from a matter science to a energy science nutritional format will pay big dividends towards improving health, preventing disease, reducing the impact of chronic disease in your life

When the feminine energy understands these basic aspects of health she will lead our culture to new heights of health

Until next time                                                                         To health as a Skill   Love DrBill

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Vitamins, Health, and Nutrition: An Energy Science View


Even though  the health supplement industry has become amazingly successful I think it not unreasonable to look at the other side of the coin and consider the potential adverse effects of supplements  particularly employing the energy science view

The Matter Science Debate on Molecules

In the article that appeared in USA Today two sides of the coin are debated by one financed by the nutraceutical camp and the other representing the skeptical matter or molecular science view about the agents, both with solid credentials

The article revolves around a recent Archives of Internal Medicine research that showed an increased risk of cardiovascular disease in women taking regular multivitamins

And no doubt there will other future articles showing other potential adverse effects because it is impossible to control for all the variables leading to these matter science articles in peer reviewed journals

So What's The Point?

As a society we have translated the current matter science medicine pharmaceutical approach to intuitively believing that if pills bail us out of medical problems that pills can be taken to make us healthy

This transition seems to make logical sense on the surface but when we think more deeply about the problem it doesn't make sense

I  had a patient who was suffering from severe gastric hyperacidity(heartburn) requiring emergency room visits and in questioning was taking large doses of vitamin C(2000mg per day)  She had other symptoms of excess acidity as well and began feeling better after stopping the C

This story is not uncommon in a population that believes that health begins with taking a pill  It also points to the fact that blind pill popping can make us sick  Since these pills are concentrated food they can have adverse consequences because as we know even food can make us sick

Supplement According to Your Energy Pattern

The energy science can give us guidance here because when one takes supplements according to one's energy pattern makeup then we can't get into trouble  The patient mentioned above shouldn't have been taking C at all due to her makeup

So what should we do?

          Find out what energy makeup you are

         Find the appropriate nutritional format

         Look at the supplements section under your format

         Remember the rule:  A lot more is not better

Until next time Ciao                                           To health as a Skill   Love DrBill

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