I Eat Healthy?

One common refrain I often hear from my patients is that "I eat healthy." And we all want to believe that we are doing the very best for our bodies   But have we ever stopped to assess what this statement means?

If healthy means eating lots of fruits and vegetables, that might be healthy   But some would contend that eating raw vegetables would be even more nutritious  Perhaps eating less meat would be considered healthy

Eating fast food might not be considered healthy   Or avoiding refined sugar would be healthy    Or I only eat organic

All of these statements miss a very important point.   Whether corn is organic, the vegetable is raw, the meat is buffalo or the fast food is nutritious, the food to be healthy must resonate with our own individual physiologies   So corn, even if organic, if it doesn't resonate with my physiology(and for me it doesn't) then I shouldn't be eating it And the same with tomato

Currently there is no nutritional system that has guidelines grounded in a science that globally addresses the individual nutritional needs of the human physiology   And we will not find it in our present matter science nutritional system

The reason for this is actually quite simple   Our matter field nutritional information is not a system, but rather a collection of data about the foods we ingest   The guidelines come from a level where a quantitative assessment of foods consumed is paramount

We know a lot about broccoli, the number of calories per gram, the number of carbohydrates per gram, the vitamin and mineral content but this quantitative analysis cannot tell me if broccoli resonates with MY physiology I just know a lot about broccoli

From an energy science view, I understand foods from a qualitative viewpoint   So what is healthy for me may not be so healthy for you from an energy science perspective   I could use banana once or twice a week but for another individual, banana should never be consumed because it would produce imbalance

I shouldn't eat tomatoes or corn but some other friend, she could use them in moderation   So you see it is the qualitative character of the food that makes it relatively good or not so good for us   This is the value of the energy science nutritional approach   And it's a great gift that the energy sciences have given us because it gives us direction for our nutrition and removes all the confusion about nutrition

When we begin eating foods that resonate with our physiologies then we will be able to say, "I eat healthy." The energy science tradition of Ayurveda can give us these much needed guidelines The explanation of this rich energy science is explored in  Foods Heal

Until next week                                To Health as a Skill    Love DrBill