The Energetic Truth About Food Allergies

Woman Stomachache In BedEnergetically food allergies or sensitivities are a result of poor digestion This is difficult to understand from a molecular approach to dis-ease since the current health care model sees molecules and our reactions to them as the problem in allergies  Find the offending molecule, avoid the molecule, and the problem is solved

This is frustrating to patients seeking to understand food allergies and how to treat it because the offending molecule can be difficult to figure out And it sometimes leads a real difficulty in choosing foods thinking that perhaps the symptoms are related to their "food allergies" so they are fearful of eating anything Often times elimination diets are used to try to sort it out but usually come up with equivocal solutions

The Dis-ease Origin Is the Same

With a different way of seeing the mindbody from an energy science viewpoint rather than the currently used matter science discipline it becomes clear that food allergies are interrelated with IC Why is this so?

Dis-ease or lack of harmony in the mindbody begins in the gastrointestinal tract(GIT) and when there is too much of the hot quality it leaves the GIT to be eliminated through the urinary tract The GIT is not healthy enough to deal with the excess hot quality

Food allergies that occur in the GIT leads to distress as well but the energy science explanation is due to lack of digestive strength The same lack of digestive strength leads to two seemingly different forms of dis-ease

Lack of Digestive Strength

Digestive strength from a matter or molecular science approach is not enough digestive enzymes to do the job Because of this toxic debris builds up much like a cold campfire has unprocessed charred remains Acute symptoms occur after eating such as:

Poor appetite Coated tongue Nausea Bloating

Belching with smell of previously eaten food

Weakness and fatigue Foul gas or flatus; bad-smelling feces Unhappiness Constipation or diarrhea

Abdominal pain and/or distention Bad breath Bad taste in the mouth Restlessness

Heaviness after food

Congestion Excessive sleep

These signs and symptoms represent poor digestive strength but as you can see could be interpreted as "food allergy"

Then chronic signs and symptoms may occur over years of poor digestion strength:

Tissue emaciation Malabsorption Emotional eating Food cravings Food allergies

Insomnia Poor visual perception Poor circulation Abnormal color and complexion

Lack of luster(skin rashes)

Fear Grief, sadness, and depression Confusion Apathy, repulsion Shortened life span


Indecisiveness and lack of discrimination Lack of intelligence(loss of clarity) Impatience

Improper direction and inappropriate goals

Isn't it interesting that fear, confusion, apathy, aggressiveness occur in this list of chronic symptoms? The reason for this is that there is a mindbody connection What happens in the mind happens in the body What happens in the body happens in the mind

From an energy science view mind and body are intimately spliced You cannot separate them Mind is in every cell of the body So we see that if the GIT is effected with dis-ease or disharmony then it will register in the mind and these psychological manifestations will be apparent

3 Things to Do to Improve Digestive Strength

As I have said in previous blogs eating according to your mindbody energy makeup is the most important thing along with avoiding poor food combinations But here are some other general things you can do as well

1 Use a green composite protein recipe

2 Use of cooling spices such as cumin coriander fennel seed mint cardamon tumeric and fresh basil and avoidance of other heating spices These will aid in digestion

3 Use a probiotic and make fresh homemade yogurt...dilute 80% water with 20% yogurt to make a probiotic drink Drink after the noon meal


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Mental Clarity and Food Choices

bigstockphoto_Dna_1913856With the close of the 20th century and the beginnings of the human genome project there was interest in the effects food had on the mind This was particularly the case for such health problems as obesity, diabetes, and "overnutrition"

The mind is not a matter or molecular field but rather thoughts are an energy field entity so the energy science can help us with choices Think about it Can we wet our thoughts? Is there any validity to the molecular expressions of thought? Yes, it's true that there are molecular traces of thought by PET scan after the thought but as yet no one has defined that thoughts have a molecular home

Even though we study the brain there are many researchers who would argue that the mind has "escaped" That mind is no longer relegated to the brain but is in every cell of the mindbody

Mind and Nutritional Choices

So why should we care about our thoughts and nutrition? Seems like a dead end

Bu what if I were to tell you that what you eat affects your future choices about food? What if the choices you're making right now are affecting your food choices in the future? That is, if you continue to make choices that blunt your decision making clarity then you'll continue to make the same bad choices as you have done in the past

From an energy science point of view the mind is the DNA of each and every cell of the mindbody Every cell is imbued with mind or DNA Molecularly and structurally our daily life choices impact DNA expression so we need guidance as to what are good choices This is what the energy science discipline provides

What Are Mind Supporting Nutritional Choices?

The energy science of Ayurveda states that there are foods that produce over time mental clarity These would be:

Mango pomegranite figs date peaches and pears(in general most fruit); sweet potato sprouts leafy greens zucchini yellow squash and asparagus; basmati rice quinoa blue corn tapioca barley; mung dal red and yellow lentils; fresh unprocessed cow's milk ghee soft cheese homemade yogurt goat's milk; almonds white sesame seeds fresh cashews; saffron tumeric cardamom coriander fennel cumin; fresh sugarcane juice jaggery raw sugar raw honey; herbal teas such as brahmi and licorice;

Foods that increase mind and thoughts(increase hyperactivity):

Sour fruits apples banana guava tamarind most citus; potatoes nightshades broccoli cauliflower broccoli spinach winter squash pickles; millet corn buckwheat; brown lentils lima and kidney beans adzuki beans tur dal small amounts of black pinto and pink beans; sour cream salted or sour butter cream cottage cheese ice cream; most nuts brown sesame seeds; curry chili cayenne black pepper; processed sugar artificial sweetners cooked honey; coffee black and green tea; fish most seafood chicken

Foods that decrease mental clarity and produce dullness:

Avocado watermelon plums apricots; mushrooms garlic onion pumpkin; wheat brown rice; urad dal and large amounts of black pinto and pink beans; hard processed cheese processed milk eggs; peanuts rancid nuts black sesame seeds; jalapeno pepper nutmeg; molasses soft drinks stevia extremely sweet tasting foods; alcohol marijuana most other drugs; beef pork lamb and venison

This latter group is particularly important and will produce over time obesity, metabolic syndrome, and dullness leading to continued poor food choices

Anyhow as they say "Food for Thought"

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Incompatible Food Combinations

yogurt and fruitThose of us know that acidity has something to do with disease or symptoms of not feeling well either intuitively or reading what others have to say about disease

This leads to a large number of dietary recommendations to eliminate the acidity from the diet and to reduce symptoms

You can go a long way toward resolution of any symptoms if you do fundamental changes in your nutritional format just by eliminating known foods that are physiologically imbalacing from your food choices But as I have written before what foods to avoid often comes down to "who's doing the eating?" because from an energy science viewpoint the nutritional format can be meaningful

Food Incompatibility

At times we don't know that what we are eating is making us sick Did you know that pain from IC can also be related to the acidic loading that occurs from poor food combining?

Some foods don't belong with one another For example, fruit with any other food is commonly practiced yet it can lead to poor digestion and symptoms of bloating and abdominal pain if done frequent enough In the energy science of Ayurveda every food has qualities and when foods are combined which are antagonistic to one another they may be toxic to the mindbody

Here's a list for you to consider
Beans WITH  Fruit, cheese, eggs, fish, milk, meat, yogurt
Eggs WITH  Fruit (especially melons), beans, cheese, fish, kichari, MILK, meat, yogurt
Fruit As a rule, with any other food. *There are exceptions, such as certain cooked combinations, as well as dates and milk which have the same rasa, virya, and vipaka.
Grains WITH Fruit, tapioca
Honey ** With equal GHEE by weight (e.g. 1 tsp honey with 3 tsp ghee); AVOID boiled or cooked honey
Hot Drinks WITH  Mangos, cheese, fish, meat, starch, yogurt
Lemon WITH Cucumbers, milk, tomatoes, yogurt
Melons EVERYTHING — especially dairy, eggs, fried food, grains, starches. Melons more than most fruit should be eaten alone or left alone.
Milk WITH BANANAS, cherries, melons, sour fruits, bread containing yeast, fish kitchari
Nightshades, e.g., potato, tomato WITH  Melon, cucumber, dairy products
Radishes Bananas, raisins, milk
Tapioca WITH  Fruit, especially banana, mango, beans, raisins, jaggary
Yogurt WITH Fruit, cheese, eggs, fish, hot drinks, meat, MILK, nightshades

A strong digestion which I'll cover in the future is the most important physiologic tool to deal with poor food combining aside from not combining in the first place

An Energy Science Nutritional Approach

From an energy science approach nutrition is more than diet The study of diet concerns itself wit h molecules of the food ingested But nutrition takes into account not only the qualities of the foods taken in and how these qualities interact but also the impact of the digestion of foods on the mindbody physiology This is a very significant difference between matter science and energy science nutrition

So here are 3 things that you can do right now to stop or reduce the flares of IC

1 Check out who you are energetically

2 Choose a nutritional format appropriate for your mindbody energy makeup

3 Go to the orange box and sign up to become a member our growing IC Ayurvedic energy science community

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Foods and Feeling Bad After Eating

Salt-written-on-spilled-saltFoods can create unarguable imbalances in the physiology which over time leads to disease And for the most part some of food's effects may not be associated with ill feeling

However my point is that all foods have the potential for creating imbalances in the mindbody if they don't resonate with our energy makeup Because of different factors these imbalancing choices don't give us symptoms

Feeling Bad After Eating

Haven't we all had the experience of eating a meal and not feeling well afterward? Sometimes we attribute it to food poisoning which might be the case but most of the time it is a physiologic consequence that defies an easy explanation.

From an energy science perspective the reason is imbalance. The vibrational frequencies consumed have created an obvious dis-ease in the physiology. When we eat a hot spicy meal, sometimes the result is heartburn. There is a chemical burning in the stomach experienced near the heart we call heartburn or acid indigestion. This increased acidity in the stomach is a result of the increased vibrational frequency of hot among other vibrational frequencies.

But what if we can't associate something eaten with feeling bad after a meal? Does that mean that there isn't a imbalance of vibrational frequencies? From an energy perspective, the answer would be that an imbalance or an increase of specific vibrational frequencies have accumulated and are causing obvious dis-ease

The Salt Story

Salt-written-on-spilled-saltLet's take an example of the complex vibrational frequency of salt. If we ingested three tablespoons of salt, there would be clearly physiologic consequences or imbalance. We would become very thirsty, our blood pressure would transiently rise, our saliva would increase and we would urinate more frequently. Hot sensations would occur with flushing and acid indigestion might occur. Since the salty taste has a laxative effect, it might stimulate a bowel movement. So all of these changes occur in the body because of the consequence of excess salt.

If these changes can occur with excess salt, why couldn't simple ingestion of salt lead to imbalances if preexisting imbalances possibly already exist? From an energy perspective this is one of the reasons why food can produce physiologic consequences of imbalance soon after eating.

Basically we should never ignore a message from the body telling us of distress even though we can't explain it. And the most frequent explanation of the dis-ease in the mindbody is a result of imbalancing choices that we make through our nutritional choices

The Energy Science View of Disease

From an energy science view all disease begins in the gut so you can see why it's so important to eat according to our mindbody energy makeup even though you may feel OK Or do you?

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Detoxification and Monodiet: 5 Steps for a Bowel Vacation

FireFrom an energy point of view all disease begins in the GI tract  Foods introduce to the body vibrational frequencies that are called qualities or gunas in the energy science of Ayurveda  When these qualities become too much in quantity (eg too much hot quality from too much hot sauce then symptoms such as heartburn or hyperacidity syndrome occurs and you take an antacid) then disease occurs  It's like this for all disease

But another way we can get sick and by the way the most insidious is by having a poor digestive fire or agni  When this happens we don't digest well and the end result is toxic load that can spread to parts of the body susceptible in taking this toxic load on  So you can see that having a good digestive fire is very important to good health and prevention of disease 

The Bowel Vacation

Wouldn't you think it unusual for someone not to ever take some time off? To maintain mental strength and creativity we all need breaks from work and a little R and R

So if it's true for our lifestyle choices shouldn't it be true for parts of us as well? However the idea of giving the bowel some time off doesn't seem to be part of the equation Trigger words such as water or juice fasting come up for many and cause people to cringe at the thought of going without food

But a bowel vacation means that the heavy foods normally consumed(pizza, rich cream sauces, lots of meat, heavy dairy. ice cream as examples) are removed from the nutritional meals for 3 or 4 days and a more simple diet is taken

You see the enzyme systems(the chemical fire if you will) need to be replenished and if you're continually asking our agni or digestive power to be used over and over again it becomes overtaxed These above wet logs as I call then place a heavy strain on your campfire(agni) and at times it is not up to par leading to toxic accumulation In essence increase of toxic load is what is behind the whole idea of detoxification

How To Go On a Bowel Vacation: 5 Things to Do

1 Make something simple to digest Kitchari is a time honored energy science nutritional tool to give your bowel enzyme systems a break from their work You can find it here at this link Do this for 5 days and notice how your bowel symptoms begin melting away!

2 If hungry snack on a piece of fruit but not in the meal

3 Consider an occasional juice day

4 Use cooling spices(cumin coriander fennel vanila turmeric cardamom) and avoid hot ones (eg garlic oregano sage rosemary thyme etc)

5 Use 2 handfuls as a guideline as to how much to eat at any one time

These simple things done based on your energy constitutional makeup will go a long ways toward improving your digestive power and enhancing your health

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Nutrition and Monitoring the Effects of Food

Healthy HabitsNutrition is more than diet  Diet is a molecular assessment of foods ingested (how many carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins)  It does not take into account who is taking the foods in, does not evaluate the affect that foods have on you, and does not take into account the strength of your digestion  In short diet does not factor you into the equation  In diet the only observations made is whether foods cause weight gain and molecular disturbances (obsession with fats, cholesterol, fructose)  And there is nothing incorrect about the molecular dietary approach   It's just that nutrition is so much more


Nutrition evaluates energetically who is taking the foods, whether the foods are balancing for the body, evaluates the strength of the metabolism through the assessment of appetite, examines the physiologic effects of foods, and in every step it's a discipline to bring you along in the feeding of your body by monitoring bodily functions

Because nutrition is about not only the consumption of a type of food and whether it brings about balance in the physiology, but also about when to take the biggest meal of the day, how to pay attention to how the mindbody feels after eating (is there congestion in the back of the throat with dairy ingestion, do I have heartburn after eating? do I feel sluggish with little energy?), attention to why we are eating(perhaps emotional ones), or following the simple directive of always sitting to allow ourselves to focus on the activity of eating

Nutrition and Bowel Function

So now that we have taken in the food, how does gut feel about that food? Is there loose stool after eating? Does a bowel movement occur after eating? Or is there no bowel movement for the the day or even for 2 or 3 days? A normal bowel pattern is a morning movement after drinking water and then a bowel movement 2 hours after eating. We should have at least one stool per day being formed and soft like a banana, at times fragmenting when it hits the water. The form is important and viewed at Stools should float and not sink. If they sink, it is a sign of stagnant energy in the GI tract. And there should be no aroma. If there is, harmful bacteria exist in the colon that shouldn't be there. Improving digestive fire would be a partial solution by using probiotic for an extended period of time(1-2 years-freshly made yogurt, kefir) and use of chlorella.

Often the change in bowel activity can be related to the alteration in eating pattern. If we are fasting then it would be obvious that the bowel pattern or rhythm would change. Provoking bowel activity with foods or emotions is a common reason for alteration in pattern. Diarrhea, that is any stool that is looser than a formed soft stool, can occur due to unexpressed fear, or ingested foods that lead to the overabundance of the sour, salty or pungent tastes

Colonic Function and Nutrition

If the colon is not functioning properly constipation or diarrhea is the result 

Using triphala is a a great way to help not only colon function but the entire gut function  If constipated titratng up from a 0.5 tsp to where you have a stool everyday is a good start  It's best to use the powder form of herbs You can make a tea by boiling the herb for 5 min, strain and drink or just take it straight up with a water chaser

Alternate nostrill breathing(ANB) is a way to help settle the mindbody and produce a bowel movement. This time honored breathing technique should link the breath with the process of having a bowel movment using exhalation with the downward evacuation of the lower colon. Even if you're having regular bowel activity, it would be fun to experiment with the technique. If not familiar with ANB, you can google it.

Lastly a bidet like device is helpful to clean the anal area after stooling. Simple to use and easy to install it's very useful. You can google or go to http://www.thebidetsolution

Until next time       To Health as a Skill         DrB

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