Herbs and Dis-ease

Ricinus_communis_DSC_0022The use of herbal preparations in the treatment of any disease can be effective if we understand the world of herbology

Herbs have their medicinal effects on multiple systems and go where they are most needed in the physiology unlike their pharma counterparts who are made to have specific molecular physiologic effects However herbs are similar to the effects antibiotics have in that they support the system in correcting the disruption Antibiotics don't eradicate the infection as much as they support the immune response to the invading organisms For example, if someone develops pneumococcal pneumonia, the immune system is not up to the challenge to clear the organism In that case the antibiotics help the immune system in clearing the pneumococcus from the lungs and in actuality do not eradicate the organisms completely

Similarly herbs due to their specific energetics help support the physiology to clear energetic imbalances that are created by unconscious choices Even though herbs are thought of as molecules by nutraceutical companies and are marketed as such, the proper use of herbs will not be done effectively until we use them as healing energetics

Understanding the Origin of the Imbalance Being Treated

Probably the most important aspect in the energetic use of herbs is understanding the imbalance that has been created Any healer whether allopathic or Ayurvedic would admit that you have to know what you're treating before you decide on the direction of therapy In the allopathic discipline the physician through the course of testing comes up a disease label such as cancer, hypertension, autoimmune disease At times not much testing is required and at other times a lot of testing is needed

Similarly in the energy science of Ayurveda a precise understanding of the energetic imbalance is required in order so that a successful herbal protocol is prescribed It requires more than taking a pill conjured up by some nutraceutical company but rather an in depth analysis of what is going on energetically based on what is being reported by the patient

It may be surprising to you to hear this but no two cases of the IC bladder pain syndrome are alike So as we are each uniquely different from one another so we are uniquely different in the way we create our diseases

Absorption of Herbs

An important aspect of the use of herbs is their digestion, absorption, and assimilation Healthy agni is required for this to occur or they are excreted through stool or urine The unfortunate problem for most is that the agni is not healthy What's more is that if the herbs are attempted to be digested they will be turned into ama which is undigested unprocessed food

This is a serious problem even though as a unsophisticated audience we don't understand what deleterious effects we are physiologically creating We merrily go along our way popping nutraceuticals hoping we'll get better when in actuality we are making ourselves sick by our actions

This specific problem can be averted by taking advantage of the agni in our skin through the use of transdermal herbal creams Also through the use of submucosal delivery of herbs we can avoid the digestive system altogether Using both types of delivery systems we can physiologically herbs into the system where they are needed for healing

Real Healing Takes Time

Healing is subtle not gross That is to say, healing using an energetic approach requires observing for subtle changes in the body's reporting of symptoms and noticing how improvement is occurring Otherwise we miss the signs of healing and sooner rather than later we say "this isn't working"So any healing whether allopathic or energy science requires patience and discipline when using a herbal approach otherwise we lose in the end

Another aspect to real healing is to understand that as we get better we reverse our disease process What this means is that we have apparent aggravation of symptoms as the imbalance is corrected We hate to hear this but it's a fact As we gently release the excess energy that we have created by unconscious choices in the past the net result is gentle symptoms of release


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OTC Drugs and Dementia

The CureMany commonly used OTC(over the counter drugs) have been linked with dementia(goo.gl/ihYhgc) according to a recent study from the University of Washington

The most commonly used drug linked to dementia was diphenhydramine, which is used in many popular products such as Benadryl, Nytol Sominex, Theraflu, Triaminic Allergy, plus many others. Also implicated where drugs containing chlorpheniramine (Aller-Chlor); oxybutynin (Ditropan) and tolterodine (Detrol) for overactive bladder; and the tricyclic antidepressants, such as doxepin or amitriptyline  These drugs share a common feature with other OTC drugs in that they affect levels of acetylcholine(ACh), a common neurotransmitter in the body The short term changes such as confusion and loss of mental clarity are well known to prescribing physicians but the long term consequences and implications of this class of drugs are not recognized

Alzheimer's disease is a one of early senility or poor brain function and is associated with very low levels of acetylcholine(ACh) There is also evidence now that these changes may be irreversible because they produce permanent neurological changes

The relationship to poor brain function and dementia and drugs that control symptoms through lowering levels of ACh should be disturbing to those who rely on this class of drug to control their symptoms whatever they may be

The Study

To evaluate whether cumulative anticholinergic use is associated with a higher risk for incident dementia, researchers examined medical records from 3,434 participants 65 years or older with no dementia at study entry Initial recruitment occurred from 1994 through 1996 and from 2000 through 2003 and data through September 30, 2012 were also included in these analyses

Exposure to anticholinergic was determined from computerized pharmacy records Cumulative exposure was updated as participants were followed up over a 10-year period. About 20% of the population was found to be using anticholinergic drugs

During the evaluation period, 797 participants (23.2%) developed dementia with 637 of these (80%) developing Alzheimer disease A 10-year cumulative dose-response relationship was observed for dementia and Alzheimer disease. In other words, the higher the cumulative anticholinergic use, the greater the increased risk for dementia The highest risk threshold was taking the minimum daily effective dose of one the anticholinergic agents every day for 3 years

Based upon these results, the authors of the study propose efforts to increase awareness among health care professionals and older adults about the risk of the use of these drugs over time Even at low dosage or recommended levels chronic use of these drugs should be avoided

The Message

It seems self evident that anticholinergic use that is so prevalent in the general population should be kept to a minimum when attempting to reduce symptoms, looking for more alternative ways of managing their symptoms

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The Salty Taste and Seafood

Salt-written-on-spilled-saltA patient of mine told me about freshwater prawns that are farmed here locally. "What a great idea!", I said. All of us could benefit from this novel animal food since freshwater fish can be used by everyone regardless of their energy pattern. Freshwater fish will pacify everyone's physiology and promote energetic balance.

Then I began thinking of possible problems. They'll probably have a weird taste. "No", my patient explained, "they taste even better than the saltwater prawns." They're probably hard to find, I thought. "And they are locally available just off Lake street." My mindbody began searching for other possible reasons but having no more objections, I thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to try them.

The next day I found myself ambitiously getting ready for my sojourn to the store to try this new found possible taste thrill. "Maybe I won't have enough time," I thought to myself. Nonsense, just go get them and if I don't like them, my daughter will eat them.

So I get the prawns and they're delicious! And now I noticed the same process that my mindbody goes through when confronted with something new. There is hesitancy about what might happen if I do something out of the ordinary. Something that's not in my realm of comfort. I'll have the saltwater prawns, thanks very much.

What gives? Why do I get so resistant to trying something new? I think the simple answer is the fear of the unknown. The uncertainty of predicting what lies ahead prevents us from moving off center and doing something different. For some the acceptance of change may be easy, for others it may be more difficult. And for all of us, there will be guaranteed issues that we balk at and say to ourselves, not today.

Freshwater prawns may be easy but perhaps changing our whole nutritional pattern may be something else. But the key to any change is realizing the fear and stepping through it. Everyone has their pet ways of resisting change. Predominant Vata people run away from fear, Pitta criticizes and becomes judgmental, justifying their resistance by talking themselves out of whatever they're fearing to change. And Kapha simply resists by inertia-just not going to do it. A sense of complacency becomes overwhelming.

Knowing this resistance to the uncertainty and realizing that we will always express our resistance is unique ways allows us to watch ourselves in the midst of our resistance and perhaps walk through it. But if not, it's OK. There will always be another day.

BTW since salt is hot and potentially inflammatory using Soma salt which is cooling is a good idea.

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Ice and Disruption of Digestion

Human Digestive SystemI was in Portland having a microbrew with a friend and the conversation drifted to the taste of beer. Is it better at room temperature or icy cold? For me personally, I can't taste the hops flavor as well if the beer is cold and the nuances of the aftertastes are lessened too

Ice will also alter core temperature transiently and that affects digestion, absorption, and assimilation because the enzyme systems at work in the GIT operate at 98.6 degrees F 

And what's interesting, the energy healing disciplines would totally concur and make the statement that everything ingested should be at room temperature. That indeed ice is not nice. The cold quality actually affects our ability to experience taste well, but also to digest what we are consuming. To put that another way, temperature of food or drink affects our ability to digest not only the taste experience but the food itself

In the end ice is not nice!!

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The Gut and Imbalances that Create Dis-ease

bigstock_Human_Organs_1650756The energy science of Ayurveda describes the gastrointestinal tract(GI tract or gut)as the place where health begins and ends.

Think about it. The gut interface is where our food choice becomes us. If we choose broccoli, our gut has to change it into our brain, heart, and lung cells. What happens if the gut isn't up to it? What happens if it's sick and in poor health? The rest of the mindbody suffers.

Then what happens to the broccoli? From an energy view, it becomes stagnant energy layering in the GI tract not going anywhere.

Year after year, decade after decade, the gut gets sicker and sicker until we get so out of balance that we have no retrievable dis-ease.

The take home message. The gut is the center of dis-ease not just a mechanical tube. And the choices made by the mind that puts the food there is another integral part of dis-ease because they produce either harmony or imbalance. If gut is healthy it burns up the mistakes. If it's sick, it's trouble.

So here's to a healthy gut!

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Commitment and Healing

Commitment creates a new space within you in which you can live unencumbered by your past That is tremendously liberating Amrit Desai

Yesterday I saw a diligent patient interested in doing the energetic nutritional work to improve her health. She had found since I last saw her that her abdominal pain had resolved and was feeling well when......she went on vacation. While on vacation her efforts gradually succumbed to her old habits and her pain returned. When she came to see me she was happy to report that she was getting back on track with her energy nutrition and again her pain was gone.

This clinical scenario is not uncommon and it shows how energetic healing time to change our habitual tendencies. And it's totally OK to do this because energetic healing is a learning process. It requires the process of trial and error. It requires us revisiting old habits and seeing the effects of them on our physiology. It is to recognize that we are human after all.

Energy healing is not rapid as it is when we take a pharmaceutical or have that operation that changes the body's anatomy. Energy healing is subtle and slow like a tortoise but it is long lasting and forever if we want it to be because it's up to us.

Yet when we shed those old habits and take on new ones that are more supportive, we need to begin with commitment that we are in this for the long haul not the short term. This is a little onerous at first because it requires an element of faith. Fortunately the process builds trust which gives us some more trust as we move along in our journey

As we grow in this blogging experience together I hope to share other personal and patient stories that will help underscore the real nature of healing.

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Tomatoes and Neurotoxins

Hot peppers 12.20.9Although chiles are very hot, tomatoes and nightshades in general can be very innocently hot and toxic as well. As a matter of fact nightshades in general are not a healthy food selection. Solanine is one of 6 neurotoxins in nightshades. These alkaloid neurotoxins keep the bugs away from the plant so in essence they work as pesticides, Another neurotoxin is nicotine which has the capability of closing the energy channels. For more biochemical information check out this link...http://samadhispaandwellness.blogspot.com/2009/10/why-you-should-eliminate-nightshades.html

A patient once related to me that he was driving aloing the interstate when he saw ahead of him a truck lying on its side on the highway. As he got closer he saw a lake of tomato sauce on the road and drove through it with a swish.

He drove on to the next pit stop for some gas and as he was fueling the tank his attention was drawn to the lower parts of the car and found that the paint was peeling off. Now what would that do in our stomachs? Heartburn for those predisposed and imbalance for the rest us who are provoked.

The tomato in concentrated form can be acidic enough that people "burp" their sauces to neutralize the acidity using baking soda.

From an energy view probably thirty percent of us can consume this nightshade one to two times per week but the rest of us should be leaving it alone. But it's cheap and quick so there we are. If we are seeking balance in our nutrition energetically, it would be helpful to look to see if tomatoes are in your nutritional format.

So if nightshades such as tomato, eggplant, potato, peppers need to consume do it infrequently and be sure your agni is stong to reduce the toxic effects. If you have to eat tomatoes avoid the seeds which are Pitta provoking.

Take a look at foodsheal.com Take the test and find the nutritional format best suited for you.

To health as a skill DrBill

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Nutrition and Changing DNA

bigstockphoto_Dna_1913856Most matter field science has looked at the nervous system as a fixed physiologic and anatomic structure. But that concept is being challenged with a new concept called neuroplasticity. Now researchers are witnessing people who have had strokes and paralysis who are able to recover some function and in one reported case complete recovery.

Now another concept is beginning to emerge to challenge another medical sacred cow. That genetic expression is a fixed, unchanging and unyielding blueprint. In a journal article in September 2005, Dr Dean Ornish reported that patients with prostate cancer changed their genetic expression to tumor by altering their nutrition. Not only did their genetic expression turn off repressor genes but turned on important genes to combat tumor. Furthermore these patients increased their T killer cell response to tumor cells eight fold.

So a new biological concept is potentially emerging-genetic plasticity. And the remarkable cause of this genetic shifiting event was a change in nutrition!!

This molecular evaluation points to what the energy medical sciences have held for thousands of years. That one of the main pillars to health is nutrition and they built elaborate sophisticated systems around nutrition. This means not just what we eat but when we eat, where we eat, how we eat and why we eat. That is the interrogatories of eating.

This concept of genetic plasticity is just one more reason why we need to take a very hard look at how we deal with nutrition. And the energy medical sciences can give guidance to the matter field medical sciences as practiced today.

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Food Allergies or Poor Digestion?

Feeling BadFood allergies(milk and wheat flour) are commonly blamed for the intolerance to the large molecules that are poorly digested(lactose in the case of milk, gluten in the case of flour) Since these molecules have been around forever, the implication is that the fatigue and/or postdigestive symptoms(gas, bloating primarily) is related to the "allergy" to these products that contain milk and wheat flour

Allergy or Your Own Poor Digestion

But perhaps the question should be. "Is this really an allergy?"

From my own personal experience being confronted with the possibility of declaring myself with food allergies to milk and wheat, I found that simply eating according to my energy makeup and improving my digestion did the trick

The energy science perspective challenges the notion that fatigue and post digestive symptoms are related to allergy It makes the case that poor digestion is the culprit in most of these so called "food allergies" Of course this flies in the face of the common public and physician misinterpretation of symptoms and it's easy to blame foods rather than our own choices and behavior

We Don't Know Any Better

If you're not aware that some foods should not be used because of your energy makeup, if you're not aware of troublesome food combinations, if you're not aware of how to boost your digestive fire, then all bets are off that you will be able to find the solution to your post digestive blahs In short we don't know any better because our nutritional model lets us down

So What To Do?

1 Go to foodsheal.com and take the questionnaire(under Getting Started) to find out what energy makeup you are Then find the format that fits and stick with it Over time this can make a big difference

2 Do a Green Protein Composite diet for 6 weeks which will help with improving gut flora and alikalanize the GIT and body

3 Avoid ice

4 Sip on CCF tea through the day to help improve your digestion  If you have heartburn or excess heat then eliminate the cumin

6 Use spices (see churans under Getting Startedv at Foods Heal) liberally with your cooking Spices in general will help the digestion

Many digestive ills that we have are our own doing, believe it or not The current diet model that is molecularly based does not serve us well in this respect

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Body Odor and Flatulence

OoopsA patient was relating to me that when he talked with a matter field gastroenterologist about his problem of odorous flatus he got the response, "Oh everyone has a problem with that every once in a while."

While that may be true in part, the energy sciences have a lot to say about flatus and body odors for these symptoms are signs of energy stagnation in the mindbody.

And energy stagnation is a serious problem whether transient or constant. When energy becomes stagnant bacteria begin growing in these stagnant fields and produce noxious gases that then become manifested. Whether this is in the mouth with resultant halitosis, in the gut, or urinary tract with urinary tract infections, stagnant energy is a symptom that should not be dismissed.

So energy stagnation is a serious symptom of dysfunction and illness of the GI tract that can then disseminate to all areas of the mindbody physiology. Once this stagnation begins to disseminate to the far reaches of the tissues it is very difficult to eradicate.

And swallowing deoderant is not an option with odorous GI elimination.

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