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Molecule Chemistry AtomsHmmm a question to ponder. Can it be that the current dietary recommendations by our nutritional gurus are actually making us sicker? I believe this is the case.

If our current system of nutritional recommendations is so hot, why do we see people such as Oprah struggling with weight control along with millions of others?

Time to re-evaluate, eh? There is no question that our molecular prowess has given us important information but the molecular scheme is outmoded for our biological understanding in the 21st century.

Can inappropriate and indiscriminate supplements make us sick? You bet.

So what's a confused and bewildered consumer supposed to do? Try an energy science approach to not only nutrition but to healing. Now that's empowerment.

Here's a list that should be part of a nutritional system. Notice I said system, I didnt say molecules.

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In the book you'll find great guidance on how to begin eating healthy from an energy science perspective

Establish a balanced healthy digestive fire

Monitor bowel function and establish healthy patterns

Avoiding incompatible food combinations

Establish healthy rituals around nutrition

This is an energy science approach to nutrition. It requires a paradigm shift from our molecular matter science approach. As has been said, "How's it workin' for ya?", perhaps provides some impetus.

To balance and healthy nutrition Love DB

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Vitamin C and the Picture Frame

My dear wife had an interesting experience that I thought I would share.

A couple of years ago she had heard how Vitamin C could reduce and or stem the tide of a "cold" so she began a habit of taking 1000 - 2000mg of the ascorbic acid molecule when she developed the oncoming symptoms.

She did this for couple of years and then began noticing symptoms of acid indigestion. Not making the association these symptoms of heartburn became so severe that she found herself in the emergency room. Her husband offered some advice but it didn't seem to resonate with her!

These ER visits occurred another couple of times. In talking with her she thought that the association of the ascorbic acid was introducing over time too much of the hot quality in her energy mindbody such that it was driving her symptoms of increased acidic loading. She had other symptoms that we won't talk about but within a couple of months she was no longer provoked.

What's useful to observe here was that the timeline was not immediate, that it took time for her to accumulate the effect of the increased acidity. Another observation was that the symptoms dissipated after the time of taking the vitamin only to occur again when another load occurred.

This waxing and waning of symptoms is characteristic of energy imbalances and if you like graphs this can demonstrate what we have been talking about

 Evolution and healing IC

So to effectively treat dis-ease at any level it is of value to look at the potential effects that we invoke by what we ingest as foods and drink in our diets including supplements. This includes nutrition and lifestyle behaviors that with reversal can lead to higher levels of health.

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Autism and the Biological Energy Field

neurons, transferring pulses and generating information.

Is it possible that a group of individuals(society) can produce a dis-ease(autism)?
Well if you look at the statistics the answer is undeniably yes. The stats say that the prevalence of autism is on the rise.
From an energy view this is not surprising because there is a significant energy field (Vata imbalance) disturbance in our local tribe we call the American society.
What happens to individuals in a tribe is a product of the individuals of the tribe.
And one of the fundamental treatments for autistic children is nutrition directed at the neurological imbalance as it should for the rest of the provoked tribe.

So what can be offered to the autistic child?  From a matter science perspective(allopathic) not much.  But from an energy science perspective the use of transdermal creams applied to marmani can be innocuous enough, easy to apply, and have dramatic consequences.

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Genetics and Nutrition

bigstockphoto_Dna_Replicating_4043091Most matter field science has looked at the nervous system as a fixed physiologic and anatomic structure. But that concept is being challenged with a new concept called neuroplasticity. Now researchers are witnessing people who have had strokes and paralysis who are able to recover some function and in one reported case complete recovery.

Now another concept is beginning to emerge to challenge another medical sacred cow. That genetic expression is a fixed, unchanging and unyielding blueprint. In a journal article in September 2005, Dr Dean Ornish reported that patients with prostate cancer changed their genetic expression to tumor by altering their nutrition. Not only did their genetic expression turn off repressor genes but turned on important genes to combat tumor. Furthermore these patients increased their T killer cell response to tumor cells eight fold.

So a new biological concept is potentially emerging-genetic plasticity. And the remarkable cause of this genetic shifiting event was a change in nutrition!!

This molecular evaluation points to what the energy medical sciences have held for thousands of years. That one of the main pillars to health is nutrition and they built elaborate sophisticated systems around nutrition. This means not just what we eat but when we eat, where we eat, how we eat and why we eat. That is the interrogatories of eating.

This concept of genetic plasticity is just one more reason why we need to take a very hard look at how we deal with nutrition. And the energy medical sciences can give guidance to the matter field medical sciences as practiced today.

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Health is Not in a Pill

PillsWhen I do a Google search for health I come across various matter science institutions giving their website renditions of it In this measurement tradition of healing descriptors are given to help guide the consumer through disease labels, discuss pharmaceuticals(pills) and tests that can be done to figure out what's the next step And of course procedures that can pull us through difficult times
Health as the Absence of Disease?

The contemporary matter science medical(molecular) model that we use is crisis management In this way of thinking if we're not sick, then de facto we're healthy

Oh, oh I have some bad symptoms of dis-ease or my lab tests are out of whack Red alert Better do something And then we manage the disease with a pill or magic operation

Now it's not to say that this model of healing is not important It's extremely valuable when we are unfortunately really sick But let's be clear, it does not define health

But I don't think people consider health that way anymore even though that's the best the molecular model can give us And it can't give any better because the model isn't made for health, it's made for dealing with disease

The World Health Organization however has a different way of looking at disease To paraphrase, health is not the absence of disease

Energy Science Definition of Health

So the energy science of Ayurveda has a lot to say about the perfect state of health

Not only does it define health for us but it goes the important next step It gives us tools in order to develop that perfect state of health where disease is not possible

But it takes knowledge, awareness, and work to develop the skill of being healthy Would we not think it unusual to find that Tiger Woods doesn't practice golf That he just shows up for tournaments?!!

6 Ways to Develop the Skill of Being Healthy

Here's what we can do to practice health and become skillful at it

Eat according to your mindbody energy makeup

Exercise 4-6 times per week for 30 minutes

Avoid poor food combining

Use a churan to improve digestive fire

Early to bed and early to rise

Eat the biggest meal at noon

Practice Practice Practice

Like any skill we have to practice what it is that we want to achieve These steps will do it for you

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Antiinflammatory Foods

river coolingAny disease with an inflammatory component such as mulitiple sclerosis  can get ramped up during the summer months due to the hot quality that gets even more expressed We’ve chosen eleven ingredients we like that cool Pitta dosha particularly during the hot summer months If we’ve missed one of your favorites, please let us know in the comment section below
river cooling

11 Ways to Cool Off

1. Coconut
There are so many ways to use coconut and so many coconut products to enjoy – coconut water, coconut non-dairy milk and the traditional coconut flakes. Be aware that the oil, while it is certainly cooling, is not recommended for Vata and Kapha

2. Cilantro
Use as a garnish, stir chopped cilantro into a soup or toss with your salad greens.

3. Mint
Mint makes an amazing tea, loved by many. Toss fresh mint into your salad, on fruit or dessert.

4. Fennel
Fennel is wonderfully aromatic with its anise or licorice scent. Saute the seeds in oil to add to your favorite soups or stews. Add the powder to your chai or favorite hot beverage, or sprinkle onto your salad or dinner entree.

5. Rose Water
Add a dash to smoothies, rice puddings or a bowl of fruit. Substitute rose water for vanilla extract in recipes.

6. Pomegranate Molasses
The sugar that condenses when pomegranate juice is cooked forms pomegranate molasses and is quite heavenly. Add to salad dressings, dips and spreads, and use in marinades.

7. Sunflower Oil
This oil is traditionally used externally in Ayurveda as a cooling oil for Pitta. Enjoy sunflower oil as a substitute for vegetable oil. It is mild and light.

8. Maple Syrup
Use this cooling sweetener as you would any sugar. Would also be delicious in salad dressings and marinades.

9. Ghee
Ghee is clarified butter. It is beneficial for all three doshas (kaphas should use in moderation). It is delicious and easy to make. Use as you would butter or oil.

10. Turmeric
Turmeric has certainly seen a lot of press the past few years for it’s amazing health benefits. And fortunately it’s not difficult to add to your diet. Rice dishes, or potato or egg salads all taste delicious with some added turmeric. And of course there is curry!

11 Chyawanprash is a tasty Ayurvedic jam usually taken with warm water, milk, milk substitute whose prinicipal ingredient is amla derived from a berry that has very high Vitamin C but is not acidic It's very valuable in high Pitta conditions and therefore antiinflammatory Here's a link http://goo.gl/NMly6a

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Squeaky Teeth

pbrushing12_1204310cFrom time to time this blog will comment on specific herbs that have important healing effects to the mindbody physiology After all herbs are foods that pack a physiologic whallop? Do we usually think of cinnamon as a herb? But when it comes down to the bottom line, everything on the planet has some medicinal properties, even poisons if used properly

Neem and pomegranite have long had benefical healing uses due to their bitter and astringent properties

Biologic Footprints of the Energy Field: Qualities

Let me digress here for a moment to help you understand that in the energy science medical model an imbalance of qualities leads to dis-ease and correcting the imbalances by using opposite qualities restores balance

For example, if there is too much hot in the physiology manifesting as "heartburn" then using something that is cold to cool the physiology is the answer Something like aloe vera would be great to use

Tastes: Aggregates of Qualities

Another aspect of the energy science is that these qualities are organized into 6 tastes, sweet, sour, salty, pungent, bitter, and astringent These tastes have very specific physiologic effects on the mindbody

For example, the very popular and addicting sweet, sour, and salty tastes are responsible for the obesity epidemic in our society

Neem and Pomegranite

The initial taste of anything placed in the mouth has a message to the mindbody and specifically to the oral cavity Neem carries predominantly the bitter(alkaline) giving the dry, light, rough, soft, and clear qualities Pomegranite has an astringent taste(causing the puckering when we drink it) and this delivers the dry and rough qualties

The acidic biofilm formed from oral bacteria naturally occurs on the teeth everyday and will harden into plaque if not removed

The use of such herbs as neem and pomegranite in toothpaste can effectively remove this biofilm and maintain good oral hygeine

Literally as one finishes the brushing the teeth one can hear the bristles squeak over the surface of the enamel surface

Now that's squeaky clean

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Consistency and Energy Science Work

Work Life Balance

Anything worth doing, is worth doing for a long while

I think we have all made the observation of rock that has a groove in it from the steady drip of water moving over the rock surface. Perhaps to our amazement we remember that over time even the softness of water is capable of eroding even the hardest and seemingly most immobile surface of rock through the consistency of its action.

In past blogs we have referred to the balance that exists in Nature. The hard, static, dense surface of the rock gives way to the soft, mobile, liquid qualities of water. The matter field is gross and the energy field is subtle. Because of knowing ourselves in the matter field context(bone is hard and blood is wet) we identify with the gross characteristics of our lives.

But it is in the subtleness of the energy field where real healing takes place. It is consistency in action that can literally move mountains. Another word for consistency is intention. In the flow of Nature we see intention at work as we observe the rock being carved by the action of water.

What does this have to do with medicine, healing and preventing disease? From a medical perspective, everything! Because without intention, there will be no healing even in medical matter field discipline. If you don't take your blood pressure medicine then hypertension and the possibilty of the complications of stroke and heart attack are increased.

From a disesase prevention perspective, intention or consistency(even the word discipline comes up) when guided by subtle energy field principles, can show us health promoting habits that promote balance in our lives.

Some simple examples. Bedtime between 9:30 and 10:30 pm every night is a great habit of health. The biggest meal of the day around noon time takes advantage of a strong digestive fire. These are habits that are subtle, but over time they will produce healing benefits. The energy nutrition as outlined in Foods Heal is a powerful way to heal the body if done consistently.

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Nutritional Likes and Dislikes

FDA herb ban and taste goodWe all have likes and dislikes in our nutritional diet, don't we? In the energy science we call them cravings that are physiologic and nonphysiologic The former should be satisfied like being thirsty after sweating a lot But the latter are problematic for us and often stem from our past history, friends, teachers, but some are darn right desires that try as we might we can't explain why we avoid or are attracted to them.

So we like things such as coffee, tomatoes, carbonated drinks, hot spices everyday, animal foods such as beef, duck, lamb, pork. We all have that salivation list.

If we look at these through the lens of an energy science nutritional approach we find them as yea and nay, that is yes for you but not for another; and vice versa no for you and yes for the other.

But there are foods and drinks that are universally Nay for everyone and Yea for everyone. Take a look.

Nays Raw tomatoes, bread with yeast(not toasted), miso, store bought yogurt, pork and lamb, chocolate, coffee, hard liquor, carbonated drinks, icy cold drinks, white sugar, and poor food combinations.

Yeas Sweet apples, applesauce, sweet berries and cherries, cooked beets, cooked carrots, green beans, cooked leeks, okra, cooked peas, sweet potatoes, summer squash, seitan, sprouted wheat bread(nonyeasted), split mung dal, goat's milk cottage cheese, egg whites, freshwater fish, ghee, aloe vera, sweet berry juice, tea, grain coffee, grape and mango juice, peach nectar, all the cooling spices, supplements such as calcium magnesium and zinc in moderate amounts, chlorella.

Three observations come to mind for me. There are more yeas than nays. YEA!

Secondly the nays have a lot of attractiveness to them for us in general. White sugar, chocolate are screamers but bread with yeast(if not toasted), and carbonated drinks are also engaging as well.

And lastly, the message is that no matter what energy pattern combination you are as revealed at foodsheal.com there is plenty to eat without risking nutritional imbalance. What a deal, huh?

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True Disease Prevention

bigstockphoto_Mind_Power_5693299Disease prevention is what we look for but sadly enough the current system of healing as practiced cannot offer it The reason for it seems quite simple actually It is because the molecular or matter science model of healing of today cannot trace the origins of the diseases that it studies

The Origin of Disease

If we are to begin helping people prevent disease, it will have to come from an energy field discipline since it is at the energy field level where all disease begins. As we have written earlier, Hippocrates, said to be one of the four fathers of Western medicine, stated that, "All disease begins in the gut."

In other words we must reassess our understanding of the origins of disease Presently the matter field medical discipline of which I am a practitioner, looks for molecular reasons why disease occurs But the matter field is actually developed from the underlying energy field and diseases that are created in the energy field percolate up into the matter field as expressions of the underlying energy field imbalance
Energy Model of Disease

In reality the body's energy and matter fields coexist but the disease first begins its expression in the energy field but is not detectable in the matter field until an obvious disruption in the matter field can be detected by our gross studies

Currently our present matter field medical discipline provides a system of early disease detection and treatment We attempt to detect prostate cancer in its earliest stages using PSA and the prostate exam Using mammography we try to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages and cervical cancer by PAP smear By the use of sophisticated imaging we uncover unsuspected cancers in their earliest stages. For example, renal cancers are being found as small unsuspected lesions

But now we can see that all these mentioned cancers had their earliest origins in the energy field and gradually the imbalances in the energy field became disruptive enough to show as an early cancer

Early Detection Versus Prevention

The question is, "Is early detection the same as prevention of disease?" The answer is obviously no And the present matter field medical discipline will not be able to deliver disease prevention because it's detection devices operate at the level of the matter field which cannot detect the origins of disease

What we desperately need is a medical delivery model which is a marriage of the matter and energy field disciplines Then we would have a prevention system and one which could deal with diseases that had gotten out of control and needed matter field expertise

So if you want to prevent disease in your life or minimize the consequences of disease that does occur, it would be best to practice an Ayurvedic lifestyle and encourage balance in your life

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