Matter or Energy Healing? – Why You Should Care to Learn the Difference

    Most of us are familiar with the concept that the body is an energy field.  We can recall when Captain Kirk transformed his matter field into energy waves and beamed himself up to the starship Enterprise only to reappear again into his matter field body.  

    And when I talk to my patients about the energy field body, they intuitively understand.  

    There are two scientific traditions of healing that treat the body as an energy field.  Ayurveda, which is an extension of the Yoga tradition of India, and the Traditional Oriental Medicine discipline both built powerful systems around the concept of the body as an energy field.  And with these traditions comes a vocabulary to help us discuss and understand the body in a different way than the way we currently see the body. 

    Currently in the matter field tradition, the evaluation and assessment of success in healing is done by measurment or quantitatively.  If our blood count is low, we give iron and the blood count is measured as higher and we achieve success. 

    In the energy sciences of healing the evaluation and assessment of the energy field is done quantitatively.  And success in healing is determined by balance.  The body is neither too hot or too cold, neither too heavy or too light, neither too dry or too oily.  

    Nutrition is one way we can quickly sample the value of the energy science tradition.  Nutrition is one of the three traditional pillars of healing in the energy science of Ayurveda, and the focus of my work as a physician.  I have personally seen transformations in healing with this simple approach to nutrition that have healed conditions that could not be solved by traditional or matter field approaches. 

    And nutrition is the basis for prevention of disease and wellness.  When we knowingly take in foods that resonate with our physiologies we automatically begin to experience balance and wellness.  The value of the energy sciences to us is that the solutions to many health problems can occur by regaining  balance.  Stay tuned and I'll show you how in subsequent blog posts that are distilled from my new book to be published in the next couple of weeks- Foods Heal:  An Energy Approach to Nutrition.

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  1. Dr Bill: I understand completely. Beam me up to better health! Looking forward to reading and learning more.


  2. Jeff – Thanks for giving this a read. I’m just getting started with my blog, but will endeavor to keep it interesting. Look for the next post shortly.

    Be well,

    Dr. Bill

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