Mind and the Matter Field Medical Discipline

                      The mind is energy  Regulate it

    The energy medical sciences tell us that both the body and mind are energy fields.  Hence there is room for mind in the energy physiologic model of healing.  And in the energy model, mind and body are not separate; they are intimately spliced.  Mind and body are one.  What happens in the body, happens in the mind.  And what happens in the mind, happens in the body.

    The mindbody concept is impossible to understand from a matter field medical perspective.  Although talked about in matter field circles of healing, by the very nature of the way the body is perceived, the matter field model cannot include mind easily.  This is because the molecular way of conceiving of the body cannot address the mind.

    From an energy medical disciplinary approach, mind and body are intimately spliced.  Mind is in every cell of the body's matter field because it is all energy to begin with.  You see, if mind is an energy field, that is, a subtle energy field of matter that is not matter ( I can't wet a thought with water), then mind cannot exist in the matter field model.  Mind is not molecular; it is an energy field!

    Any energy that comes in contact with our own personal energy field has the potential to influence it either positively or negatively.  Herbs are fundamentally energy medicines and affect both the mind and the body simultaneously.  They have stood the test of time in their actions and have the unique capability of causing the mind to have insights as to what is next best thing to do with respect to the healing that needs to be done.

    Foods are also essentially mindbody medicines.  Although we don't consider hot pungent spices as anger provoking, nonetheless they do, when associated with other cumulative nutritional effects.  Bitter causes mind to become introverted and averse to desire but in excess can make a person cynical and boring.  And the astringent taste is supportive and grounding but when in excess causes the mindbody to be anxious and scattered.  

    In Foods Heal I spend a great deal of time discussing these energetic interplays occurring around taste and foods and mind.  As always your comments are encouraged          DrBill


  1. Dr. Bill – Well written. Just so you know, I am referencing your blog in my handout to the Illinois Hospital Association next week. You have some great resources here!


  2. Dr. Bill I’ve been treating for candida a long time thinking it was the only reason for i.c. I’ve been following your advice about six months now. Bladder pain has ruined my life yes, I do have ibs and I know they’re related I can feel it. I am hoping desperately that following this plan will heal me. I thank you for caring when all the Dr’s hurt me by dismissing me.

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