It’s Not Just One Thing

Balance and stones  
    Have you ever stopped to consider the many approaches that it takes to change something.  You may try one thing, then add another and then see if something else may help.  At times health is a trial and error process-trying to find the right remedy.

    From an energy perspective this is exactly the way healing occurs.  It's just not about just lifestyle choices, not just about the nutritional work or the medicines or herbs that are taken-it's about all these things that are done that will make a difference in our health. 

    This is because the energy field responds to more than one or band of vibrational frequency.  The change occurs over many bands of frequencies to make a difference.  And doing exercise such as yoga does have a vibrational impact on the physiology if done on a consistent basis.  The same is true about certain vibrational frequencies that we call food.  Bigstockphoto_Green_Beans_1407831

    When we eat foods that enhance balance, such as green beans, they nourish the energy mindbody and produce equilibrium of the energy field because of their nuturing of specific vibrational frequencies in the energy field.

    Eating at specific times lends to more balance especially having the biggest meal at noon.  All these nutritional "tools" promote balance and then we get healthier.   Health then becomes a skill that we work at and over time we get more balance energetically in the physiology and hence get healthier.

                                                                                         To good health  DrBill


  1. Dr. Bill – Make sense to me. It sounds like we need to maximize our positive bandwidth by making more of the right energy choices.


  2. Hi Jeff To effect the imbalances created by choices that we made the opposite has to be done Soooo… if one is too hot(aggravated Pitta) one has to make cooling choices There are a number of cooling choices to be made, through nutritional choices, through massage oils, through pranayam, through meditation, through yoga asana practice, through herbs etc. So the message is that it isnt just nutritional choices although that is a big factor but many different ways to alter the mindbody energy field the best Bill

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