Our Physiologic Energy Patterns-Energy of Transformation(PITTA)


This is the second of three blogs spending time discussing the physiologic energy patterns that are observable in the universe and that comprise our energy mindbodies.  In the medical energy science of Ayurveda, there are three identifiable energy patterns in Nature. There is the energy of movement, that of transformation and the energy of stability.  All three are necessary for Nature to function and for us as well. 

Energy of Transformation  This energy pattern is called Pitta in energy discipline of Ayurveda.  Any movement from one state to another is considered transformation.  So when we ingest a piece of broccoli and make it into heart, brain and lung cells, we are employing this energy pattern of Pitta.

Celebrities that have Pitta as a dominant energy pattern include Tiger Woods, President Obama and anyone with a strong competitive nature.  There is a dominance of the qualities of hot, sharp, light liquid, mobile and oily.

When this energy pattern is out of balance with the hot and sharp qualities, physically we can experience heartburn or acid indigestion, inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, cystitis(bladder infection), and pneumonitis(lung infection) among many others.  All cancers have some form of inflammation as part of the process and so Pitta is part of the cancer process.  Psychologically when Pitta is in excess with the hot, light, mobile and sharp qualities, impatience, anger, resentment and rage can occur.

These qualities that aggravate Pitta are represented in nutrition as the tastes of sour, salty and pungent.  The latter is that of chilis and horseradish, garlic and many more that have the hot, mobile, light, and sharp qualities.  If these qualities are in excess in foods and taken in a consistent fashion, the Pitta energy pattern is bound to be provoked leading to the above problems in the physiology.  Foods that cause imbalance and provoke are coffee, chocalate, carbonated drinks, nuts, red wine, red meats, seafood, and sour juices and dairy(yogurt and hard cheeses).

On the other hand, foods that are sweet, bitter and astringent are balancing and cause harmony in the physiology.  Foods such as dairy, meats, beans, nonacidic fruits and grains.

Stay tuned to the third energy pattern, Kapha.                  To good health DrBill

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