Procrastination and Nutrition


"Tomorrow I'll begin that PK nutritional format."

But as the saying goes,"Tomorrow never comes."

Procrastination is a form of fear and is related to the Kapha energy pattern but any energy pattern can entertain inertia.

It's worthwhile looking at this fear as it directly plays into our human quest for chronic dis-ease. And if we are human and walking on this planet we have imaginary fears.

Although imaginary fears have no basis, nonetheless they are locked away in our mindbody physiologies in the form of tight muscles, ligaments and joints or parked away in organs.

Vata fears express themselves as run away or anxiety, Pitta as fight or anger and Kapha as inertia. And combinations of these control dramas is the most common of all. Can you see yourself in these dramas?

To know this about ourselves is very liberating because we can stop and innocently observe ourselves in the game of procrastination as it revolves around this concept of change in lifestyle behaviors as played out in nutrition.

We then can ask ourselves very honestly, "What am I fearful about in making whatever change I am contemplating?"

So if you want to push your buttons go to and see what comes up for you when you see what changes are to made for the better.

"Oh, I don't have time to go to there right now. Maybe tomorrow."

See you tomorrow?                                     To health as a skill       Love DrBill


  1. Bill

    I especially enjoyed this post – as I can hold my own with most any procrastinator!

    I love the banner too. Why do I feel your daughter may have helped? :)


  2. Hi Jeff
    It’s taken me decades to make this banner! I had trouble with the lettering, kept misspelling the word but when I got it right I then understood what it meant Love Bill

  3. Bill – But now you will never forget it. And I may be looking for you to teach me. I have had no trouble inserting banners, but haven’t tried to create any…yet. :-)


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