Wrinkled Fingertips


Have we ever noticed the skin of our fingertips becoming wrinkled and wondered why? Must be due to being in the water because everytime I get out of the bathtub or pool my fingertips are wrinkled But actually it's the expression of the cold vibrational frequency or quality

Biologically from a matter science view what's the difference? Who cares? It's not as important as dealing with someone who's having a heart attack and needs emergent life supporting measures We get caught up in the drama, don't we?

But in the subtle nature of the energy sciences this is where it's happening because I would suggest that unless we begin paying attention to the subtle nature and use that information for healing we will continue to have to deal with increasing frequency the health melodramas of life

What if I were to make the outrageous statement that wrinkled fingertips have everything to do with coronary artery dis-ease and that heart attack which produces our dramas?

The cold quality is the expression of Vata that is directly related to poor circulation and potentially indicates excess sympathetic load(not good)

We only know a quality by contrast Only know the hot quality by cold and the cold quality by hot because we only can know and understand Nature in her expressions of opposites

The point is that until we begin conversations around the mindbody energy field we will continue our lack of understanding about the physiologic observations we make Such as wrinkled fingertips

Talk is cheap We need to find that experience that validates the knowledge about the biologic energy field Otherwise the information is not practical, useful, or pragmatic

Things to do to reduce this biologic Vata energy and wrinkled fingertips around energy science nutrition

        1 Stay warm(hot) so we don't lose energy

        2 Eat warm oily foods and avoid cold raw foods

        3 Heavy foods are best such as dairy and root veggies

        4 Reduce stress and consider meditation

Until tomorrow                                                 To health as a Skill    Love DrBill


  1. this is Great information! and makes a lot of sense. I recently traveled to a colder climate and got really worried at my wrinkled fingertips that have been constantly wrinkled for 4 days straight! i went online and some posts said that it might mean aids… or thyroid problems… i am only in london for a week – coming from 30 c degrees sunny weather (80 degrees f )… i am a yogi, and i got into raw food for a while- so i didnt have anything warm, and i am familiar with aurveda.. and i know its possible that i am part Vata and prone to cold weather imbalances…
    AHHH THANK YOU DR. Dean!!!!!

  2. happy that the information could help  All the best in health  Love DrBill

  3. That’s me wrinkled fingertips. I thought it was because I am dehydrated, never drinking enough due to IC and also do to the fact that all the things I love to drink are a nono.

    • Hi Susan wrinkled fingertips are a sign of an increased energy pattern of movement or Vata in the body When it is high it affects the flow of energy to the hands and feet Hence people complain of cold hands and feet….and the above observation that you’ve made Congrats DB

  4. Hi there,
    I just googled this topic, and your article popped up. I have noticed wrinkled fingertips. I do suffer with very cold hands and feet, but in the past year, I have now also developed erythromelalgia. So, I’m always trying to keep myself cool or cold to avoid the erythromelalgia or intense burning heat. Could a vata disruption cause real physical ailments? This is all new to me and very interesting.

    • Hi Melinda
      Erythromelalgia as described by the matter science is in general a nervous system disorder specifically of the autonomic nervous system with disruption of sympathetic innervation which leads to cold and/or hot hands and feet It is as you point out a Vata Pitta disorder in the nervous system thanks for your interest DB

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