Management of Chronic Disease: The Curse of Lifestyle Behavior Patterns

neurons, transferring pulses and generating information.

Chronic disease is different than acute disease  If you have appendicitis, remove the appendix and voila, you're fixed

But most disease is chronic and not surprisingly it's due to our lifestyle choices  Yes, here's the problem in a nutshell  We create our disease by the unconsious choices that we make over our lifetimes

This can be very annoying to hear and many point to the infant born with congenital anomalies as an argument to avoid responsibility but the choice we make of our parents plays the role as to what decisions the unconscious mother makes for her in utero child  At other times the unborn child carries karma to work out in this lifetime that comes out as congenital anomaly of some form 

The bottom line is that as much as we would like to avoid our disease responsibility from an energy science view, the discipline will not let us off the hook  In the end this is actually a blessing  It prevents us from playing the blame game  It's our parent's fault, it's my spouse's problem, it's just in my genes which is probably the closest reason as we will soon see

Chronic Disease Means Chronic Management

As we said cute disease is short lived and the solutions are straight forward But chronic disease management requires continuous ongoing treatment therapies which becomes a problem for us living in a Vata vitiated society who want our solutions yesterday

From an energy science point of view treatment guidelines revolve around those which center on lifestyle behavior patterns(LBP) which are the most difficult for us as humans to deal with From an epigenetic view the reason for this is actually based on methylation groups that prevent us from changing easily This methylation obstructs us from changing our LBP Essentially unhealthy LBP are obstacles to health

Holocaust survivors have high levels of methylation and leave them mentally "scarred" Unfortunately this methylated scarring becomes heritable whatever the traumatic event may be But it brings up questions for us such as "Is agni or eating patterns heritable?"

The good news for us who are challenged by LBP's that are not supportive for healing IC is remember that is takes just 8 weeks to reverse patterns not supportive of moving in the right direction That's right, 8 weeks to reverse those pesky methylation patterns that prevent us from changing to healthy LBP's

What Makes a Healthy LBP?

Ayurveda, the energy science of healing, gives us guidelines for healthy living Say we get up at 9am and go to bed at midnight Ayurveda would say that it would be better to go to bed early and get up earlier How much volume to drink during the day? How much to eat at the biggest meal of the day? What are the best foods to bring about physiologic balance?

The LBP help us live our lives in balance because that promotes health and heals chronic disease The above questions seem like they would have nothing to do with the IC bladder pain syndrome but from an energy science point of view they are all suggestions to bring about physiologic balance that will produce a foundation by which other therapies will build on the foundation of LBP

 5 Ways to Deal with Pesky Unhealthy LBP

Yes, it's possible to change those methylation groups leading to unsuccessful unhealty patterns or LBP The reason that they work is that these activities produce mental clarity Any technique as a matter of fact that induces more mental clarity will decrease "bad" methylation which induces unfavorable LBP

1 Meditation is becoming a well known technique to quiet the mind An active mind clouds our soul's intelligence leading to poor decision making that leads to repetitive destructive LBP

2 Mantra work is the repetition of sounds that evoke DNA demethylation Essentially the sounds said mentally to yourself bump off these unwanted methylated groups to bring about change in any LBP

3 Breath retention is a form of meditation but has the added advantage of improving agni and promoting love, compassion, and peace

4 Herbs can change over time behavior patterns because herbs work at the level of mind or DNA

5 Marma therapy directly works at the level of mind so unwanted patterns slip away and one is consciously directed in different directions

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