Women’s Health and Disease Prevention

Well it's nice to be back  After spending a year doing a fellowship in Energy Science Medicine at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque NM I am now doing general Ayurvedic energy science consulting online as well as helping a very specific group of men, women, and children who have a problem called interstitial cystitis 

For today I wanted to discuss the feminine energy and its creativity that leads to transformation in any group large or small especially as it revolves around health and disease prevention

The Feminine Energy

The feminine energy is the creative force in Nature and abides in everything(yes I mean everything) we observe  Any force that is creative whether it be the bringing of new life, sculpting a beautiful piece of art, or the beginning of a new plant are all aspects of the feminine

Feminine energy is not gender specific when we view its activity in ourselves  We are all aware of the very creative male but suffice it to say the female within any culture is primarily responsible for the creative force  It's almost as if "it's their job(dharma if you will) to take on that role"  And obviously the feminine takes on that role with zeal, zest, and pride in their power

Leading the Way

A culture is brought about by the feminine creative energy  It's the leading force in producing new ideas, moving on to new frontiers, and loss of the fear of engaging in a different way of doing things

We look to the feminine to give us new ways of doing the old  Not necessarily destroy the old and bring on the new for that's a masculine energy  The feminine is to introduce us to the new and fresh ways of viewing our reality 

So What?

I find it startling how low the number of people who actually are interested in disease prevention  It's accepted norm or fact that everyone gets their fare share and so we just move on 

It's the accepted norm that disease is not preventable  And clearly that once you've got chronic disease it's yours for life 

I would offer from a energy science view that disease is preventable and even chronic disease is reversible  It takes work on our part but it is indeed the case  We just have to have a different mindset  For example, moving from a matter science to a energy science nutritional format will pay big dividends towards improving health, preventing disease, reducing the impact of chronic disease in your life

When the feminine energy understands these basic aspects of health she will lead our culture to new heights of health

Until next time                                                                         To health as a Skill   Love DrBill

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