What’s the Required Healing Time Using an Energy Science Approach

Obviously this is a common question posed by those doing energy science work for clearance of any disease complex whether it be IBS, GERD, or fibromyalgia

As a child you may have asked, “Are we there yet?” and "Now are we there yet?" So when will I see payoff for changing lifestyle behavior patterns?

The short answer is, “It’s over when it’s over.” But to be more specific, in general it takes 2 months of release for every year of imbalance So if you have had symptoms of IC for 10 years it will take 20 months of work to clear the energy qualities that have accumulated

This would make sense wouldn't it? The longer the imbalance the more work is required to get resolution This doesn't mean that there will not be improvement of symptoms The flare intensity get less as the months go by and then the frequency lessens But real healing takes time!

Are You Particle(Molecule) or Wave?

The body is simultaneously a matter field and an energy field. The former expresses itself as molecules or particles and the latter as waves of energy   So this is how the energy field expresses dis-ease    In waves

Sound familiar? The waves are symptom complexes that occur in the body   And they continue to express themselves until you do something about it   Until you decide to intervene   Otherwise the expression of the excess qualities will continue to occur

Because the matter field is a gross expression of the more subtle energy field, you now can see why disease begins with qualities that then eventually become manifest as particles or molecules in the matter field   The matter field is the last to show that there is energetic disruption or imbalance in the body   The matter field is like the tip of an iceberg

This is why I can say with certainty that the matter science will never be able to heal chronic diseases with its molecular approach to dis-ease

The Concept of Release

In many diseases(possibly all) there is an inflammatory component with the energy patterns of Vata and Pitta   The symptoms of Vata presence begin episodic expression of light, cold, rough, dry, and mobile which lead to changes in the body's tissues   Pitta’s presence of inflammation lead to burning in the stomach, burning pain in the pelvis, muscles, or generally in the abdominal area due to the sharp, hot, liquid and spreading qualitiesbit.ly/bfjQvi

For example these qualities can lodge in the urinary tract and express as energy or wave   So the intermittent flares that occur in the body are waves of energetic expression

But what happens when you decide to do things to differently? You begin paying attention to your day and how you live it    Energy science nutrition becomes important and you start seeing food as medicine    You choose certain herbs that can help with IC and use them regularly

When you no longer support the overexpression of these qualities in the body by the foods that you eat, the body naturally begins letting go of these excess qualities of light, cold, rough, dry, mobile, sharp, hot, liquid and spreading   This takes time but by and by there is lessening of the symptoms that the qualities brought and healing begins to occur

What you see is gradual regression of the symptoms    They don't stop all at once There is a receding of the complex of symptoms much like the outgoing tide on the beach

Until next week                   To health as a Skill           Love DB

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